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Guide to documentation required for an Irish Study Visa

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Ireland is a popular study destination for Indian students. Irish universities are globally acknowledged for world class degrees and research in the fields of Information Technology, Biotechnology, Medicine and Engineering. If you want to study an undergraduate or postgraduate course at an Irish university, you will need to apply for a long stay ‘D Study Visa’.

The major academic intake for universities in Ireland starts in September and students can apply for a study visa up to 3 months in advance of the course start date. Students must ensure that all the required documents are available before applying for an Irish Student Visa in order to avoid any refusal.

Learn more about the documents that must be submitted for an Irish Study Visa application below. If you are interested in studying in Ireland or need help applying to Irish universities, book a free consultation with SI-Ireland today.

Apply for an Irish Study Visa

Supporting documentation guide for Ireland Study Visa

  1. A summary application form along with two passport size photos according to guidelines. The photos should not be older than 6 months.
  2. Current passport with a validity of at least 12 months after the proposed arrival in Ireland along with copies of all old passports.
  3. A letter of application with details of the purpose of your visit to Ireland, family members living in Ireland or other EU member states and documentary evidence to justify the choice of course in case the chosen course of study does not naturally follow the previous education or employment history of the applicant.
  4. Enrollment evidence to a privately funded course with details of course, confirmation, tuition fee, amount paid, medical insurance and course duration.
  5. Academic documents showing exam results and qualifications to prove the applicant’s ability to pursue the chosen course.
  6. Supporting evidence for gaps in education history including proofs of employment in case of gap due to work placements.
  7. Evidence of meeting English Language Requirements as per the guidelines including certifications such as academic IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson PTE.
  8. Proof of private medical insurance to cover the applicant’s stay in Ireland
  9. Previous visa refusals for any country should be disclosed with the submission of original letter of refusal.
  10. Financial evidence to show availability or access to funds covering living cost for the entire duration of stay in Ireland and total tuition fee for the entire course or degree programme. Supporting financial documents must include updated bank statements, details of sponsor and their financial documents if applicable and details of loan if any.

Study in Ireland

If you are interested in studying at Irish Universities and want help applying for an Irish Study Visa, arrange a free consultation with SI-Ireland.

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