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Undergraduate Degrees in Ireland

Undergraduate degree information for international Students

Undergraduate applications from international students to all Irish universities are managed by CAO (Central Applications Office), while other non-EEA students may also apply directly to Higher Education Institutes, depending on their policies and norms. As an approved education agent for Irish universities, SI-Ireland’s professional university consultants can guide you through the entire university application process.

How long do undergraduate degrees last in Ireland?

For a first degree, most international and EU students undertake a three-year undergraduate bachelor's degree, featuring a combination of seminars, workshops and lectures made up of different modules. Certain modules are optional, and as such students can tailor study to what they are most interested in.

Some undergraduate degrees, such as a science and engineering, can take up to four years to complete, while the introduction of fast-track 2-year degrees enable students to complete their undergraduate course and find a job much quicker.

Types of undergraduate degree

In addition to the standard 3-year undergraduate degree, a joint or dual-honours undergraduate degree will see students split their time across two different courses, meaning a larger choice of modules and increased job options after you graduate. A sandwich course will last four years and involve spending one year at a work placement related to your field of study.

Where can I study an undergraduate degree in Ireland?

Undergraduate courses at Irish universities provide world class teaching, state-of-the-art facilities and global recognition from employers.

Study an undergraduate degree in Ireland

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