Applying to Study at a University in IrelandHow to apply to Irish Universities with SI-Ireland's free application support

Applying to a University in Ireland

Application help for international students applying to study in Ireland

International students can apply for a course at an Irish university by submitting an online application either to the Central Applications Office, or directly to the university of Higher Education of their choice.

Entry requirements at Irish universities

Entry requirements vary for different courses and universities and are usually dependent on the number of places available. Applicants will need to submit an Assessment and Qualification summary when first applying, along with their personal information. Students can find university and course specific entry requirement information on university websites.

Applicant Status as EU or non-EU resident

Before making an application to study in Ireland, it is necessary for students to determine their EU and non-EU status, as this cannot be changed at a later stage. The application process to study at an Irish university differs depending on whether you are an EU resident or international, and students can refer to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services for further help to determine your resident status.

Applying for undergraduate and postgraduate courses

International students must apply directly to the Higher Education institutions in Ireland in accordance to their individual policies. Check each university website to know exactly about their application procedure for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses before applying.

The application process at Irish universities is all online, making it easier for international students to submit applications for studying in Ireland once they choose a course of interest.

English language requirements

To successfully apply to study in Ireland you will need to prove your English language proficiency and students should hold an internationally recognised English qualification certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE. Many universities also offer pathway programmes which allow you to study a special programme before your full degree, where upon completion, you will join the degree level course.

Study in Ireland

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