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Tuition Fees at Universities in Ireland

Tuition fee information for international students in Ireland

Universities in Ireland provide opportunities for international students to access high-quality education at comparatively lower tuition fees than other universities around the world. Irish universities also offer scholarships for international students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels across multiple disciplines, making studying in Ireland even more attractive.

How much does it cost to study in Ireland?

International students from outside the EU will need to pay non-EU tuition. Depending on the type of course - foundationundergraduate or postgraduate - tuition fees can range from €3,500 to €55,000.

EU and International Tuition Fees in Ireland

Tuition fees at universities in Ireland vary and are dependent on if you are an EU or international student. For example, EU students may enjoy a full waiver on tuition fees and will only be required to pay a Student Contribution Fee of €3,000 for the coming academic year. However, international students can apply for various scholarships, grants and bursaries via the Students Assistance Fund to help cover accommodation, food, travel and learning materials.

Free Fees Initiative for EU Students

Tuition fees for undergraduate students under the Free Fees Initiative are paid for by the Higher Education Authority, which is the statutory regulatory body for higher education governance in Ireland. To qualify for the Free Fees scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Free Fees Initiative will have to pay tuition fees categorized as EU Fees for Higher Education at Irish Universities. These may vary at each university, and students should refer to university websites for more details.

Tuition Fees in Ireland

Use the table below to compare undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees in Ireland for full-time international students.

University Undergraduate Courses Postgraduate Courses
University of Limerick €5,000 - €45,000 €6,000 - €40,000
Maynooth University €12,000 - €13,500 €6,500 - €15,000
University College Dublin €18,000 - €53,000 €5,000 - €31,000
Trinity College Dublin €10,000 - €45,000 €7,000 - €49,000
University of Galway €12,750 - €31,000 €13,250 - €15,000
Dublin City University €10,800 - €12,600 €9,425

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