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Ireland Scholarships for Indian Students 2020 Scholarships in IrelandStudy in Ireland

Irish government programmes, higher education institutions and other organizations help Indian students get substantial scholarships to study in Ireland.

Here is a list of scholarships in Ireland for Indian students applying in 2020.


12 December 2019

Study Pharmacy in Ireland Pharmacy in IrelandPopular SubjectsStudy in Ireland

Ireland's pharmaceutical industry is big and there are about 50 postgraduate and undergraduate pharmacy courses being offered at 19 institutions in Ireland. Some of these fall under the world’s top 100 institutes to study pharmacy. 

6 November 2019

Five Reasons to Study at Trinity College Dublin Best Universities in Ireland

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s number one university. With origins tracing back to 1592, the University is Ireland’s most historic university and has been ranked by Forbes in the 15 most beautiful colleges in the world.

17 October 2019

Government of Ireland Scholarships Scholarships in Ireland

Government of Ireland offers Scholarships that serve as one of the added advantage given to students as it offers a waiver on tuition fees, making a significant contribution in boosting student’s morale and lessens their financial burden that they bear to achieve their goals.

3 September 2019

Why are Western Universities Better than Indian Universities? Benefits of Studying AbroadWhy Study in Ireland

Learn why western universities attract more Indian students for higher education and how you can study abroad.

17 July 2019

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