Irish University Study Guide for International Students

Irish University Study Guide

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How Much Does it Cost to Study in Ireland? ScholarshipsStudent Tips and Advice

By understanding the detailed aspects of all cost factors, such as tuition fees and living expenses, overseas students can understand how much money they need to pursue higher education in Ireland.

11 October 2023

8 Reasons Why You Should Study in Ireland Student Tips and AdviceStudy in Ireland

With its captivating blend of history, culture, and education, Ireland offers international students a holistic and enriching experience.

5 October 2023

Securing an Ireland Work Permit after Graduation EmployabilityStudent Tips and AdviceWorking in Ireland

For students who entered Ireland via the student visa route and aspire to extend their stay after completing their studies to explore job prospects, the post-study work visa opens up a world of opportunities. 

25 September 2023

Why are MNCs the Top Employment Choice for Graduates in Ireland? EmployabilityStudent Tips and AdviceWorking in Ireland

Ireland is a hotspot for multinational corporations looking to expand their global operations and university graduates in the country can benefit from the constant drive recruitment drive which is ongoing.

18 September 2023

Ireland University Scholarship Guide for Indian Students ScholarshipsStudent Tips and AdviceStudy in Ireland

Learn more about the financial support available to Indian students who want to study in Ireland.

4 September 2023

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