Health and Support Services in Ireland for International Students


Health and Support Services for International Students in Ireland

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Studying abroad is an exciting and transformative experience for international students, and Ireland is a popular career destination for those seeking quality education. However, while looking to pursue a career in Ireland, it is essential to prioritize your health and well-being. Thus, students transitioning to the Irish Education System may need support and advice on many practical aspects.

Ireland's comprehensive health and support services ensure international students have access to the care and guidance they need, making the transition smoother and less daunting. If you want to study in Ireland, why not arrange a free consultation with SI-Global today? Our educational consultants will take you through your study options and help you apply. 

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Understanding the Irish Healthcare System

The Irish Healthcare System is a blend of public and private services. As an international student in Ireland, you must have private health insurance to ensure you can promptly access medical care when needed. It includes various options, such as student-specific plans, university-sponsored insurance, private providers, government schemes like the INIS Scheme, group plans, and travel insurance. 

The Irish government requires all non-European Union (EU) and non-European Economic Area (EEA) students to have health insurance coverage throughout their stay in Ireland. Each option has benefits, limitations, and costs that require thorough research.

Types of Health Insurance in Ireland


The Student-Specific Health Insurance Plans are designed to meet the needs of international students. These plans typically cover hospital charges, doctor visits, emergency medical care, and prescription medicines. Carefully review the coverage details and choose the best plan that fits your requirements. 


Some of the best universities in Ireland offer healthcare services directly associated with them. These plans are curated to cater to international students' healthcare needs at their respective universities. They also provide additional benefits, such as coverage for mental health services and free access to campus facilities. 

Private Cover

Besides student-specific and university-specific health insurance plans, Ireland provides private health insurance from established providers. These insurance plans offer a wide range of coverage options and flexibility, allowing you to choose a plan that aligns with your needs and budget. Do an in-depth research and find the best option available to you. 

International Providers

International health insurance providers offer coverage to students studying abroad. The plan includes comprehensive coverage, medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation. Some insurance providers also provide your travel expenses across different countries. 


The Irish Government offers international students health insurance plans called the "Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service" (INIS) Scheme. This scheme provides health insurance coverage to non-EU/EEA students who need private health insurance for their visas and allows access to medical care services while studying in Ireland. However, check the eligibility criteria and other factors before opting for the insurance plan. 


Many educational institutions offer affordable and comprehensive coverage for support services to students. Group Health Insurance Plans include benefits such as doctor visits, medical emergency care, and preventive services. To apply for health insurance plans, check the eligibility requirements. 

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance plans focus on covering medical emergencies during travel; some plans also cover non-emergency services during your stay in Ireland. 

Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan

Selecting the right health insurance plan to study in Ireland can seem challenging and daunting, as many options are available. Here are some factors to determine the best insurance plan for you. 

Cost of Health Insurance in Ireland

Finding the right health insurance plan can be overwhelming for most students. Medical insurance costs range between €500 and €4,000. Here is a breakdown of different medical plans available in Ireland -

Entry-Level Plan

€500 to €650 annually

Basic public and private cover with high excess plans

€700 to €1000 annually

Quality public and private corporate plans

€1200 to €1500 annually

Private room in a private hospital plans

€1500 to €1800 annually

Full cover in Hi-Tech Hospital Plans

€2400 to €4000 annually


What is the function of the health service in Ireland?

Healthcare services in Ireland are responsible for providing everyone with health and personal social services. 

What does HSE stand for in Ireland? Is it free in Ireland?

HSE stands for Health Service Executive, an organisation that ensures high-quality health and social care services to the people of Ireland.  

What are the benefits of living in Ireland?

Living and studying in Ireland is beneficial for many reasons, such as

Does Ireland have a national health service?

Ireland has a dual private and public healthcare system. The Department of Health regulates public healthcare, and the Health Service Executive regulates private healthcare. 

What is the ranking of the healthcare system in Ireland?

According to the Global Security Index, the Irish Healthcare System ranks 31st out of 195 countries. The healthcare facilities are affordable and available to anyone who stays and studies in Ireland. 

How much does it cost to see a GP in Ireland?

General practitioners are widely available in Ireland, and students can see them at most times of the day. The average cost of a consultation with a GP in Ireland typically ranges between €40 to € 50.

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