Types of Accommodation in Ireland for International Students


Types of Student Accommodation in Ireland

Last updated: 15 January 2024 Accommodation Student Tips and Advice

When an international student decides to study abroad, settling into a new country doesn't start until they have sorted out their accommodation options. After getting your admission, the next big step is to find the perfect housing option because you will have a space you can call home. Even though you may be living away from your home country, finding the right housing option according to your budget, lifestyle choices, and availability will be critical in your study-abroad journey. 

Here, we discuss the major types of Ireland student accommodation options that you can find. Keep reading ahead to find the major categories and all you can get in which option.

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Types of International Student Accommodation in Ireland

For students who have gained admission to their desired university in Ireland, accommodation is the next big challenge, which should ideally be solved in the early stages of your study-abroad journey. Almost all the major universities in Ireland provide on-campus accommodation. If you decide to stay on campus, booking your seat in advance is highly advisable as the slots may be limited. If you don't get this option or, due to other reasons, you choose to go for off-campus housing, then you can also get many other options. Here, you must take care to find all facilities available and the terms in the lease before finalising your accommodation. 

There are two main categories of student accommodation in Ireland: on-campus housing and off-campus accommodation. Both these options have different types of student accommodation in Ireland, which they can take as per their budget and other factors like the location and access to university services. 

On-campus housing

Students who live on campus can find residence halls, which can be either based on the university campus or around other areas in the city. Most top universities in Ireland have these halls of residence on the campus itself, which allows students to gain access to various university services in close proximity. This type of housing generally has 4-8 students living on a shared basis and can also have private rooms with shared kitchen, bathroom and living areas. In Ireland, students need to pay the rent for residence halls in two instalments: September and February.

Many universities also ask for a deposit equalling one month's rent. The major facilities that most halls of residence provide are WiFi, furnishings (bed, desk and chair), electricity, and heating. Other facilities that can be availed for additional costs include catered meals and cleaning services. 

Off-campus housing

Students can choose to share a rented apartment with other students, split the rent, or take up a private apartment, which can be costly. Apart from these options, students can also get the chance to stay with a host family. Most services and facilities given to students in these off-campus housing are the same. Still, you may have to find the details of which facilities are available at a specific apartment. In the rented accommodation system, rent is generally paid monthly, and the landlord takes an advance payment for three months. A lease agreement is signed for 9-12 months, and the deposit may not be returned if you choose to leave before the agreement expires or if there are damages to the house. The other option is to stay with a host family, and many Irish families readily accept international students as it serves as a great additional source of income for the families.

This option is considered good for students as they get all the comforts of living with a family, which helps them adapt to the new country. Though you may have to follow certain rules, the overall experience can be different as you can experience Irish culture first-hand. 

Housing Options in Ireland

On-campus housing

Off-campus housing

Cost of International Student Accommodation

The cost of international student accommodations in Ireland can vary on different factors, such as the location, type of housing, and amenities provided. Generally, Dublin tends to have higher accommodation costs compared to other cities in Ireland. Universities in Ireland offering housing can charge around €4,000-6,000 per year or more as they provide more facilities, have better security, and live among students on campus. 

Shared accommodation can be your best bet if you want an affordable housing option in Ireland. You can rent student living apartments between €1,000 and 1,200 per month, but the cost gets divided as you stay with other students. Eventually, you may need to pay around €250-300 per month if you are living with 4-6 roommates. If you wish to live with a host family, you may have to pay anywhere between €500-700 per month. 

Finding Student Accommodation in Ireland

When looking for student accommodation in Ireland, carefully consider your budget and preferred location. You would want to live as close to the campus as possible to save time and money on transportation. You can also contact your university's accommodation office for guidance, as they often have resources and partnerships with local landlords. You can also attend housing fairs or connect with fellow students through social media groups to learn about options and potential roommates. Don't hesitate to schedule viewings to see the properties firsthand. 

Once you have found the right accommodation, promptly secure the house, as good accommodation can go off the market quickly. But, also, don't be in such a rush that you forget to be diligent in reviewing the lease agreements. Read the agreement carefully to understand all the terms and conditions and confirm any additional service costs. Keep communication open with the landlords and stay informed about your rights as a tenant in Ireland.

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How can students find a place to live in Ireland?

Students in Ireland can find accommodation through various avenues, such as the universities that offer on-campus housing. If off-campus housing is your go-to option, you can use online platforms such as Daft.ie, MyHome.ie, and Rent.ie, which are popular for searching for rental properties. Social media groups and student forums also share housing listings and advice. Besides these options, local newspapers and university notice boards may also have rental listings. 

How do I apply for accommodation?

If you want to stay on campus, you can check out the steps on the university’s website to be sure. If you prefer off-campus options, you can explore online platforms and directly talk to the landlords for details. In both cases, be prepared to provide necessary documentation, such as proof of enrollment, identification, and references. You can also contact your university's international office or student services for guidance in navigating the accommodation process.

What is the cheapest student accommodation in Ireland?

The cheapest accommodation option in Ireland is to share a rented apartment. Usually, these apartments cost around €1,000-1,200, but as these are shared among 4-6 people, the cost for one person can come down to €250-300 per month.

Can I terminate my tenancy agreement if I’m unhappy with my accommodation?

Terminating a tenancy agreement due to dissatisfaction would totally depend on the terms outlined in the lease agreement and legal regulations. You must review the lease for specific termination clauses and understand notice periods. If mutual agreement with the landlord cannot be reached, seeking mediation services through the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) or legal advice may be necessary. It is generally recommended to be well-informed about tenant rights and obligations before taking any steps to terminate a tenancy in Ireland.

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