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New Awards Programme at the University of Limerick for Science and Engineering Students

Published 14 February 2019

The University of Limerick in collaboration with Regeneron Ireland recently announced their new awards programme - ‘Regeneron Ireland College Awards’. Selected students at the University of Limerick pursuing degrees in Science, Engineering and other related disciplines will be awarded:

Three students from the Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Industrial Biochemistry department at UL have become the first recipients of the ‘Regeneron Ireland College Awards’ in 2018. Students from different engineering departments at UL were invited during their first semester of the degree course to make presentations about topics related to their academic fields, the findings of which were then discussed with senior managers at Regeneron to select the winners.

Des Fitzgerald, President, University of Limerick said on the collaboration, “Our relationship with Regeneron has allowed us to further bridge the gap between industry and academia. These awards give selected undergraduates an extremely advantageous opportunity and it is fantastic that our students can get a world-class experience in one of the world’s most innovative companies right on our doorstep. UL is very proud of our co-op programme and we are delighted to be collaborating with Regeneron on these awards.

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