University of Limerick to open a new city centre campus

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UL’s New Campus near Limerick City Centre

The University of Limerick (UL) will open a new campus close to Limerick city centre with an additional capacity of 2000 students and 100 staff members. University President Dr. Des Fitzgerald confirmed to the Limerick Ladder that the UL Governing Body has approved the new centre for learning by 2022 which will be called the UL City Campus.

At present the main UL campus is located on the outskirts of Limerick city in Castletroy. The new campus is in line with the expansion and growth undertaken by the University over the past few years, including the €31 million investment for the Glucksman Library, one of the world’s most digitally advanced of its kind.

There has been a long standing demand for a city centre campus in Limerick from the city’s business community which can benefit from the trade and commerce with UL students. Of the campus, Dr. Fitzgerald ssid: “It will aim to bring together law, business and entrepreneurship in technology and create a hub for developing and supporting enterprises in the city.” He further added that “It will allow for the further development of existing collaborations with the practitioner base in business, law, education, health and the growing number of technology companies.”

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