University College Cork announces Puttnam Scholarship for Creative Students

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University College Cork announces Puttnam Scholarship for Creative Students

Published 13 November 2018

The Puttnam Scholarship at University College Cork (UCC) will offer six students the opportunity to work with the Oscar winning producer, entrepreneur and digital champion, Lord David Puttnam. UCC has a historic association with the Irish film industry and is known for its representation in the creative industry. The University launched its new initiative in October and has started searching for talented students from the creative sector. The scholarship will provide students with a unique opportunity for industry mentorship.

According to the President of UCC, Professor Patrick O’Shea, “The creative industries represent a vital, exciting and rapidly changing field of activity; one that is now recognised as a key growth sector in the knowledge-based economy”. With this scholarship, students will be mentored by Lord Puttnam over a year and receive six video conference coaching sessions while working on a team project. Students will have to jointly produce a short film at the end of the academic year and screen it for Lord Puttnam and a select audience. This will give students an opportunity to enhance their networking, negotiation, collaboration and teamwork skills. Students will also be entitled to a bursary of €1,500.

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