Best Universities in Ireland to Study Biotechnology


Top Universities in Ireland to Study Biotechnology

Last updated: 1 May 2024 Biotechnology

The Irish biotechnology sector has experienced substantial growth over the last decade, with fields including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, environment, and genetic processes proving particularly popular. A high concentration of the world’s leading biotechnology firms in Ireland (9 out of the top 10 global biotech companies) has increased the popularity of studying biotechnology in Ireland.

Biotechnology course modules for bachelors and masters in Ireland include molecular microbial biotechnology, genetic engineering, bioprocess engineering, plant genetic engineering, analytical chemistry, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacology, protein technology and functional food health.

What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the study of technologies and processes for the bio-molecular and genetic transformation or the creation of physical properties of different products involving human beings, animals and plants. Biotechnology plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry, food security, agriculture, climate control, genetically modified medicines, food products, antibodies and organ regeneration.

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Top Five Universities for Biotechnology in Ireland

1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin's BA in Biochemistry is a dynamic and comprehensive programme that immerses students in advanced research across various disciplines. The programme exposes students to advanced research areas such as cancer biology, neurobiology, drug development, and more under the guidance of leading researchers. Trinity's graduates find opportunities in hospitals, commercial laboratories, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and beyond. 

Noteworthy companies where Trinity biochemistry graduates thrive include Abbot, MSD, Novartis, and Pfizer, while others contribute to organizations like HSE, HPRA, and Forensic Science Ireland. The versatility of Trinity's biochemistry degree is evident as graduates make impactful contributions to science journalism at RTÉ, BBC, and Nature Group, as well as scientific administration in institutions like HRB, Wellcome Trust, and the European Commission. 

2. University College Dublin

The MSc Biotechnology & Business at University College Dublin, Belfield, offers a dynamic opportunity for non-business graduates aspiring to become leaders or entrepreneurs in the thriving biotechnology sector. Ireland's enviable biotechnology landscape, housing the world's top 10 biopharmaceutical companies, sets the stage for an immersive learning experience.

The graduate degree responds to the exponential growth in Ireland's biotechnology sector, covering applications in the Food, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical industries. It equips students with Practical bioprocessing experience and a comprehensive business education, emphasizing problem-solving in local and international environments.

3. University College Cork

University College Cork (UCC) in Cork, Ireland, offers a highly sought-after Master of Science (M.S.) in Biotechnology, catering to students passionate about the intersection of biology and technology. The programme stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The M.S. Biotechnology programme at UCC strongly emphasizes research, enabling students to actively contribute to groundbreaking projects and gain insights into the industry. 

Additionally, students benefit from interactions with renowned faculty members who are experts in the field. The programme's structure encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, providing students a holistic understanding of biotechnology's various facets. UCC's M.S. Biotechnology programme promises an enriching educational journey for those aspiring to impact the biotechnology sector significantly.

4. Dublin City University

Dublin City University's B.S. in Biotechnology, the longest-established programme in Ireland, seamlessly merges biological and engineering components. The curriculum prioritizes practical experience, with team-based lab work and partnership projects facilitated by advanced facilities like the Microbial Bioprocessing Facility. A unique nine-month paid work placement (INTRA) in Ireland or abroad enhances skills gained in gene cloning, protein expression, and purification. The course spans four years, with the first year covering fundamental subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computing. The final year explores advanced topics like research in biotechnology, environmental and food biotechnology, and the cell culture and bioengineering industry. Students conclude their journey with a significant lab-based research project, well-equipped for success in the technology-driven biotech sector.

5. University of Limerick

The B.Eng in Industrial Biochemistry stands out as the sole programme of its kind in the Mid-West and Western regions, offering students a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of process engineering. The field is the backbone for numerous sustainable industries globally, including biopharmaceuticals, fuel, chemicals, drug manufacture, energy production, food and beverage processing, environmental waste remediation, and electronic component manufacturing.

Notably, the Irish pharmaceutical, chemical, and biochemical sectors have played a pivotal role in driving consistent increases in the national export performance. Throughout the programme, students gain essential skills to become critical players in the chemical and biochemical engineering landscape, contributing significantly to designing and operating processing systems and developing innovative products. 

Study Biotechnology in Ireland

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