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Studying Architecture Courses in Ireland

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Architectural studies in Ireland impart technical skills for the art of home design and building. As a discipline of study, Architecture is closely connected with the subjects of Art, Design and History. Other essential components of architecture courses include subject knowledge of Engineering, Graphic Design and User Experience Design and Construction.

Bachelor’s and masters degree programmes in Architecture blend interdisciplinary skills, drawing upon the principles of engineering, mathematics and technology, with an understanding of cultural trends and social issues. Students will also learn about other famous architects.

Specialised courses in architecture are offered at schools and colleges across Ireland. If you want to study Architecture in Ireland or know more about the different undergraduate and postgraduate courses, tuition fees, and scholarships, arrange a free consultation with SI-Ireland today.

Study Architecture in Ireland

Architecture courses in Ireland

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture specialises in the designing and planning of external spaces such as cities, regions, gardens and neighbourhoods. Landscape architecture is strongly focussed on sustainability and conservation through aesthetic designs which are ecologically and socially viable. Recreational planning, environment restoration and urban design and planning are some of the areas covered under this dynamic specialisation field of architectural studies.

Regional and Urban Planning

Studying architecture with a specialisation in regional and urban planning will mean community based learning of sustainable, urban designs for cities, towns and metropolitans regions. This specialisation in architecture focuses on strong analytical skills to improve the functionality and quality of places. Graduates who have studied architecture with specialisation in urban and regional planning are much sought after by government and local civic agencies, planning consultancies and global developmental organisations.

Architectural Engineering

A specialisation in architectural engineering develops skills to work with public structures with an emphasis on the functionality of design systems and greater inclination towards the physics and mathematics of creating structures than design and art. Studying architectural engineering helps understand designing systems for lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling of structures for greater functionality. This field of architecture studies is useful for building structures like dams, canal, roadways etc.

Where to study Architecture in Ireland

With a legacy spanning over 100 years as a leading educator, this architectural school in Ireland is in the top 100 architecture schools globally as per the prestigious 2018 QS World University Rankings by Subject. Currently UCD is the only university in Ireland to offer an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture which is accredited by the Irish Landscape Institute and European Foundation for Landscape Architecture.

The Dublin School of Architecture at DIT comprises of accredited programmes from apprenticeship to postgraduate and PhD level in architecture with specialisation in architectural technology and construction.

Cork Centre for Architectural Education offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Architecture jointly with the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and the University College Cork (UCC).

Study Architecture in Ireland

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