Best Universities in Ireland for Master's in Marketing


Top Universities in Ireland for Master's in Marketing

Last updated: 2 May 2024 Marketing Masters Courses

To stay relevant in today's economy, businesses need to build strong brands that communicate consistently with their customers. Qualified and experienced marketing professionals use cutting-edge marketing techniques to promote a business's messages and increase sales and overall reach.

The high demand for competent marketing professionals in the business world is largely met by graduates who have done their master's in marketing through prestigious universities having programmes with strong theoretical and practical learning pathways. The course content for a Master of Science in Marketing degree particularly appeals to students. The in-depth knowledge and practical skills they gain during their education enable them to qualify for higher-level marketing positions in various industries.

Irish universities have some of the best marketing courses in the world delivered through experienced faculties and state-of-the-art facilities. Students pursuing higher education in Ireland can also benefit from the two-year post-study work permit, which allows them to stay back and start their careers after graduation. The country has many world-renowned companies looking for marketing graduates, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and many more.

Pursuing an MSc in Marketing allows students to develop expertise in the field and become attractive candidates for the numerous job opportunities in the marketing sector. If you wish to take up an MSc in Marketing at top ranking Irish universities, book a free consultation with SI-Ireland today to start your application process.

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Best Ireland Universities for MSc Marketing

Learn more about Ireland's leading marketing MSc courses below, per the QS Business Master’s Rankings 2024: Marketing.

1. Trinity College Dublin

Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is one of the most prestigious universities in Ireland. The MSc in Marketing degree at TCD is offered by the Trinity Business School. According to the QS Business Master's Rankings for Marketing in 2024, Trinity College Dublin is the best marketing university in the country. The specialist course focuses on branding, marketing strategy, consumer psychology, and the communication skills students need for a successful marketing career.

Expert faculty and executives from top multinationals deliver analytical and practical-based training through interactive lessons and real-life case studies. The university also organises seminars and workshops with speakers working in various aspects of marketing practices. 

2. University College Dublin

The MSc in Marketing degree at UCD is provided by the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. It suits business and non-business graduates and professionals looking to improve their skills. It is a rigorous course designed to prepare students for higher brand management and marketing positions in the country and abroad. The modules are delivered by senior industry practitioners and experienced faculty members, who provide various perspectives for a successful career. The university has strong industrial ties, enabling students to work on Major Marketing Projects and develop strategies for global companies like Unilever, P&G, PepsiCo, Danone, and others. 

3. Dublin City University

Masters in marketing courses at University College Dublin are offered by DCU Business School and are delivered as a specialisation: MSc in Digital Marketing. The course has been designed so that students understand how digital technologies can optimise buyer awareness, intention and sentiment. Students gain in-depth knowledge and relevant skills in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, e-business Management, Social Media, Web Development and other important aspects of digital marketing. The course also involves a practicum project wherein students are paired with clients to oversee their digital marketing initiatives for six months.

4. University of Galway

The University of Galway offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines. Through its College of Business, Public Policy & Law, the university has several programmes with a marketing specialisation, including an MSc in International Marketing and Entrepreneurship, an MSc in Digital Marketing, an MSc in Marketing Practice and an MSc in Marketing Management. The last course is among the most popular as it prepares students for various marketing positions in the business world. It assists students in developing analytical and presentation skills and enables them to use research methodologies. The experienced faculty engages in innovative teaching practices to deliver marketing subjects at an advanced level. 

Marketing Jobs

One of the best aspects of pursuing a master's degree in marketing is that graduates can work in various industries. All businesses need to engage in marketing strategies to stay ahead in the game, and companies from industries such as finance, consumer goods, technology, market research, pharmaceuticals, advertising, and many more need qualified candidates to oversee their marketing initiatives.

The various career options after graduation include Marketing Management, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Consultancy, Account Management, Communications, and Fundraising, among others. These can be found in big corporations or in Marketing Firms. Graduates can also take up freelance projects with various companies and startups. 

Marketing Salary

Marketing is a field in which the salary increases with an increase in educational qualifications and years of work experience. Candidates with a master's degree earn higher than someone who has a bachelor's degree. Additionally, as the number of years passes, marketing professionals get better packages.

According to the Irish Council of Commerce and Industry, any graduate with a Master's degree can expect to earn around €53,000 yearly in the country.

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