Why Study at Trinity College Dublin?

Five Reasons to Study at Trinity College Dublin

Posted 4 July 2022 Best Universities in Ireland

Ireland provides the whole package to Indian students who want to study abroad: rich city life, quaint countryside, appealing natural landscapes, world renowned companies and state of the art universities and colleges which offer 2-year post-study work visas.

Topping the list of best universities to study in Ireland is Trinity College Dublin. Established in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s oldest university and the only constituent college of the University of Dublin. At present, it is home to 17,000 students of which 30% are international ones.

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Reasons to Study at Trinity College Dublin

Why Choose Trinity College Dublin?

1. Ireland’s top university

When looking at studying abroad in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin ranks first in all university league tables. It is 98th in the QS World University Rankings and 146th in Times Higher Education World Rankings. Trinity has the most number of international students, global highly qualified faculty, the best teaching standards and the finest research of all Ireland universities.

2. Employability

Trinity has the most number of employable graduates in Ireland, with 95% of its pass outs in employment or further study within six months of completing their programme. It also boasts a higher industry income as compared to other Irish institutes.

3. Best campus

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s most historic university, fashioned after the prestigious UK universities of Cambridge and Oxford. The campus is vibrant with state of the art facilities, and has been ranked by Forbes in the 15 most beautiful colleges in the world. It has the largest library in Ireland and a number of sports grounds and facilities.

4. Wide variety of courses

The three faculties are Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics & Science and Health Sciences. There are 24 schools with about 600 courses offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and a plethora of research areas to choose from. The University is known for its courses in Nanotechnology, Mathematics, Engineering, English and Politics.

5. Fantastic location

Trinity College Dublin is an oasis of learning in the middle of one of the most vibrant, friendliest cities in the world. The campus is located on College Green opposite the Irish Houses of Parliament. The University is located around the regional headquarters of leading corporations such as Microsoft, Google, AirBnB and LinkedIn.

Study at Trinity College Dublin

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