Why Study at Griffith College?


Five Reasons to Choose Griffith College

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Griffith College is a private higher education institution with campuses in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick. It is Ireland's largest independent third-level institution and has a national and international reputation for student success. Founded in 1974, the college is home to over 7,000 students from more than 77 countries. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in business, law, computing, design, media, and more. 

Griffith College is committed to providing students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to succeed in their chosen career pathways and positively impact their communities. It has gained an award-winning reputation for providing students with first-class lectures and excellent study materials. Courses at the university are accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland, assuring students that they indeed get an education through the highest quality standards. 

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Why Study at Griffith College?

1. High-quality education 

The college is known to provide excellent educational programmes at various levels. These include undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and short-term courses, foundation programmes, and English language courses. Being accredited by QQI, the quality of the courses is top-notch, giving students the perfect opportunity to study exceptional course materials. The fields of study that are most popular at Griffith College include Business, Computing, Law, Design, Media and Journalism, Health Sciences, Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Some courses are accredited by professional bodies such as CPA, ACCA, and Engineers Ireland. 

2. Student support

Griffith College offers many support services to provide a comfortable learning environment that leads to professional and personal growth among students. The Careers Office is the space that helps students transition from their college life to that of a global workspace. Through this office, the college provides career-related services, shares job vacancies, and organises events for the professional development of students. The college also helps students when they face issues while studying or on the personal front by providing counselling services on campus. Academic advising is also available for students when they need guidance on educational matters. 

3. Diverse and vibrant campus life

Griffith College has a diverse student body, with many coming from different backgrounds and more than 77 countries. The Students' Union organises events throughout the year to enable students to merge well with others. Another way to get acquainted with other students is to participate in clubs and organisations. These make the environment at the campus truly vibrant as students with similar interests can get involved in activities such as football, badminton, volleyball, book club, comedy, fashion, and films, among others. There are societies for international students, African Studies and Indian Students. Fitness facilities are also available to help students stay fit while pursuing their education and taking breaks when needed. 

4. Small class sizes

One of the most important parts of getting a quality education involves getting personalised attention from professors. This is very much possible at Griffith College as the average lecturer-to-student ratio is 1:20. Such numbers enable the faculty members to give greater attention to students and help them personally when needed. This way, the mentorship provided to students becomes even more impactful.

5. Campus locations

The main Griffith College campus is in Dublin, with some of the best student resources and services available. Dublin, in general, is also a great city for students who can experience the beauty of the region and the cultural diversity. Being the largest and the capital city of Ireland, it provides students with the best possible opportunities in terms of education, unique experience and job opportunities, which are many to come as the major global organisations have their offices in Dublin. The other cities where Griffith College has remarkable campuses include Cork and Limerick, which are also well-known for giving students diverse options to enjoy, explore and thrive while pursuing their education.

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