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University of Limerick Law and Accounting Course Guide

Last updated: 28 May 2024 Accounting and Finance Law Study in Limerick

The University of Limerick (UL) is one of the most popular universities in Ireland. Established in 1972 by the Irish state, it is among Ireland’s best young universities under 50 years old and is in the top three in Europe for career preparation. One such undergraduate programme at UL that prepares you for a fulfilling professional career in law and accounting is its 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Law and Accounting with dual specialisation.

Learn more about the five reasons for studying law and accounting at UL below. If you want to study undergraduate or postgraduate Law programmes in Ireland, begin your journey by arranging a free consultation with SI-Ireland today.

Law and Accounting at University of Limerick

Five Reasons to Study Law and Accounting at Limerick

1. Dual specialisation

The BA in Law and Accounting at the University of Limerick is a joint honours degree with dual specialisation. This four-year undergraduate degree imparts skills in law and accountancy—and at the end of the course, students acquire a full degree in Accounts and a full degree in Law, widening their career options in both fields.

Course modules include Taxation, Mathematics, and Economics, as well as the core subjects of Law and Accounts. This allows students to gain valuable skills and knowledge of varied disciplines.

2. Paid internship opportunity

Another feature of this joint BA programme in Law and Accounts at UL is the opportunity to gain practical work knowledge and experience through internships. Through the Cooperative Education programme at Limerick, students enrolled in this course can take up paid internships for eight months during the second semester of their third year, which helps them learn in a practical work environment.

3. Postgraduate study options

For students who wish to continue their studies, there are plenty of opportunities for postgraduate programmes at the University of Limerick, such as Masters in Law General, International Commercial Law and Human Rights in Criminal Justice and Masters in Financial Services, Taxation and Computational Finance.

4. Exemptions on other courses

Exemptions are granted to students holding this joint honours degree in Law and Accounting at UL on other courses in Ireland for Law, Law and public accounting, chartered accountancy, taxation, etc.

5. Career and job prospects

This joint honours degree in Law and Accounts prepares students for various coveted careers across multiple fields, requiring the skills and knowledge gained on this unique programme. For instance, chartered accountants, financial accountants, solicitors, legal advisors, taxation advisors, financial analysts, barrister-at-laws, corporate bankers, investment managers, funds managers, and management and civil service managers are some careers Limerick graduates move into.

Study at Limerick

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