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The Best Accounting and Finance Degrees in Ireland

Last updated: 12 April 2024 Accounting and Finance

An accounting and finance degree in Ireland typically covers various accounting, finance, and business topics. 

Students studying for a bachelor of accounting in Ireland will be provided with a strong foundation in accounting principles, including topics such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, and taxation. They will also enhance their knowledge of core topics related to the subject, such as corporate finance, financial analysis, investments, and financial markets. Students will also take management, marketing, economics, and law courses.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for accounting and finance graduates is always high and is projected to grow by five percent by 2029. This means that employment opportunities with high-paying accounting and finance salaries will keep increasing, making the subjects preferred for students who like to delve into numbers and wish to have prosperous career options.

Ireland has become one of the most preferred destinations among prospective international students. The presence of world-class universities with state-of-the-art facilities and award-winning faculty leads to a high quality of education, which means that students can grab exciting job opportunities in the country and globally.

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Top Universities for Accounting and Finance in Ireland

Although many universities and colleges in Ireland provide accounting and finance programmes, some are world-renowned for the quality of their educational options and research activities. The top five Irish universities for accounting are discussed below.

1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is among the most prestigious institutions in Ireland, offering high-quality education across multiple disciplines. Trinity Business School provides specialist courses in accounting and finance that range from degree options to diplomas in specific subject fields. The various courses in the programmes have been designed to push students to their full potential by immersing them in the latest business theory and practice methods.

Networking opportunities at the university with industry players and alumni enable students to gain unique insights and accelerate their career prospects. The Business School at TCD is a globally recognised, triple-accredited school that delivers an ultra-modern educational experience with innovative research output.

2. University College Dublin

The UCD Business College has four schools: Micheal Smurfit Graduate Business School, the UCD College of Business Global Campus, UCD Smurfit Executive Development and the Lochlan Quinn School of Business. These schools offer business-related courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and are world-renowned for their teaching and research capabilities. Undergraduate courses are primarily in combination with other business and economics degrees, whereas the graduate courses are more specialised in their approach. The curriculum has been designed in a manner that students get foundational as well as detailed knowledge on the aspects of corporate finance, accounting, taxation, consulting, and much more. 

3. Dublin City University

Dublin City University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting and finance through the DCU Business School. At the undergraduate level, the BA in Accounting and Finance is a premier degree in the country that enables students to gain the knowledge and skills required in various industries. At the master's level, different accounting and finance programmes provide detailed study options. The curriculum encourages critical and creative thinking, communication and teamwork skills, and other professional qualities that help students become tomorrow's business leaders. Graduates from DCU can pursue careers in public service, financial services, and accountancy companies and get into academics.

4. University College Cork

Through the College of Business and Law, UCC offers undergraduate and graduate degree options to students with specialisations in accounting and finance. At the undergraduate level, BSc Honours in Accounting is a distinctive broad business degree that prepares students to pursue professional accounting qualifications and enhance career progression in the business world. A wide variety of subjects are taught in the degree, including finance, law, economics, management, accounting, information systems, marketing, and statistics. At the graduate level, an intensive tutoring methodology in the core technical subjects of accountancy helps students gain exposure to the contemporary business issues needed in the professional world. 

Other Universities to Study Accounting

- University of Galway

The University of Galway offers undergraduate and graduate degrees through the J.E. Cairns School of Business & Economics, which has an outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. The school also engages in impactful research on applying and developing expertise in accounting and governance to support sound decision-making and insightful corporate reporting. Some popular courses include BComm Accounting, BComm Accounting (International), Master of Accounting, MSc in Corporate Finance and International Accounting & Analytics. All the accounting and finance programmes at the school are accredited by professional accountancy bodies, which can help the graduates in the form of significant exemptions from professional examinations. 

Study Accounting and Finance in Ireland

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