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Best Universities in Ireland for Master of Laws (LLM)

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A Master of Law degree considerably enhances a law graduate's career opportunities. The curriculum in most courses is designed so that students develop practical skills for using legal theories, concepts, and doctrines in real-world settings. The postgraduate programme prepares students for a challenging, enriching, and rewarding career in the legal department and beyond.

Ireland is one of the best countries to pursue LLM, as its universities are among the top 100 in law education. Irish universities provide one-year Master of Law degree options to students. The flexible courses allow students to choose from various modules, such as business, human rights or international law. The global law module mainly enables them to find work opportunities in other parts of the world. Studying in Ireland is also attractive because the country allows students to apply for a post-study work visa to stay in Ireland for two years after graduation and start their international career.

After graduation, students can get hired as paralegals, associate attorneys, legal advisors, legal officers, and experimental lawyers in the country. Salaries vary according to work experience, employer size and location, and other factors. However, according to Payscale, a graduate with an LLM degree can earn around €61,000 per year.

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Best Universities to Study LLM in Ireland

1. Trinity College Dublin

Among the oldest and most prestigious Irish universities, Trinity College Dublin has been imparting high-quality education to thousands of students. The flagship LLM degree is offered by the School of Law at TCD. It provides an opportunity to engage in postgraduate study while covering many branches of the subject at national, European and international levels. The degree is taught over one year, comprising two semesters during which students must take three modules.

While pursuing the degree, students can focus on public law or private law modules or even take a selection of both. They must also complete a research dissertation on an approved theme to earn their degree. Overall, the course enables students to develop skills to use appropriate legal theories, concepts, and doctrines to identify, analyse and solve the legal problems they face during their careers. 

2. University College Cork

University College Cork was established in 1845 as one of the Queen's Colleges in Cork. One of Ireland's prestigious universities, it offers the Masters in Law programme through the College of Business and Law.

The School of Law has offered the degree since 1992 and remains a popular postgraduate option for students. They can either focus their interest in one specific area, like international law or business law, or choose from a wide range of legal subjects, including medical, criminal, internet, human rights, environmental, and intellectual property law. There is also a provision to take up a dissertation in an area of interest, completed under experienced lecturers' supervision. To do this project properly, they are also allowed to take up a course in research methodology, allowing them to learn advanced methods to present the dissertation topic.  

3. University College Dublin

Established in 1854, University College Dublin is a prestigious Irish university that is also the largest educational institution in the country, with more than 33,000 students. Through the Sutherland School of Law, UCD offers its LLM General Programme, allowing students to choose any combination of subject modules. The significant modules students can take to complete their degree include Environmental Law and Policy, Immigration and Asylum Law, and Corporate Governance, among others.

The School's Comparative International and European Law module is an exchange programme for LLM students. The host universities for this module are Maastricht University, Universitat Mannheim, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Antwerp, and the University of Zagreb. Students can write a joint thesis under the supervision of academic instructors from the home and host universities.  

4. University of Galway

Founded in 1845, the University of Galway provides high-quality education and has earned international recognition as a research-led university over the years.

The School of Law is part of the College of Business, Public Policy & Law at the university. The LLM degree is a taught course designed to give students complete flexibility in choosing their modules for study. They can go for the subjects within the LLM programme and take up options from the Irish Centre for Human Rights and Centre for Disability Law and Policy. Expert lecturers deliver the course materials through small group seminars, and students also get to go on international field trips. Skill development is one of the most critical aspects of the curriculum, and career support is also provided through professional workshops. 

5. University of Limerick

The University of Limerick was founded in 1972 and is among the youngest Irish universities that have made a name for itself due to its excellence in education.

The School of Law at the University of Limerick offers an LLM degree designed to enhance students' legal skills and knowledge. The course is perfect for students looking for advanced legal education but do not wish to focus on a single branch of the subject. The modules available for students include criminal, property, competition, and human rights law. The law school has an internationally vibrant student body and is known for providing a great student expert and various support services.

6. Dublin City University

DCU is a prominent Irish university established as the National Institute for Higher Education in 1975. The university offers its law courses through the School of Law and Government. The university provides diverse educational programmes and research opportunities in law, politics and international relations. 

The LLM (Master of Laws) is a leading general degree with three specialisations: public law, international human rights law, and European business law. The courses have been designed to embrace a socio-legal methodology and a European and International orientation. Students can choose to complete the programme in a one-year full-time mode or two-year part-time mode. 

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