Where Can I Study Criminal Law in Ireland?


Top Universities to Study Criminal Law in Ireland

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A criminal law course is a degree that deals with the relationship between a person and an organisation. It comprises various subjects that teach students about the laws involved in jurisdictions. In Ireland, criminal law is one of the most popular specialisations in law. Students interested in pursuing a criminal law degree can look out for top-ranking Irish universities like University College Dublin and Trinity College, offering law programs at bachelor’s and master’s levels.

However, due to the increasing demand for criminal law courses, many Irish universities have introduced diploma and certificate-level programs covering fundamentals and basic knowledge. The course teaches you how to deal with offences committed against society or the state, including skills like critical thinking, active listening, communication, and time management. After graduating from criminal law universities, you can pursue a career as a parole officer, private investigator, solicitor, and criminal profiler. 

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Top Criminal Law Universities in Ireland

1. University College Dublin

The University College Dublin Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice is based in the UCD Sutherland School of Law. Established in 2000, UCD offers criminology and criminal justice courses to undertake high-quality research on crime and criminal justice, which impacts society, policy, and practice development. 

MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice is a popular criminal law course offered by the university. The curriculum comprises subjects and topics like advanced criminological theory, punishment, prisons, public policy, digital investigations, and law. During the program, you will learn and think critically about the intersections between law, politics, and social policy. 

You will also demonstrate a detailed awareness of current controversies in criminal justice and knowledge of where the discipline can be implemented. Some popular careers you can pursue after the course include private investigator, intelligence analyst, and forensic psychologist. 

2. Maynooth University

Maynooth University is a top university in Ireland that offers the option to study law with criminology and criminal law as part of an accredited degree. It is a three-duration program covering the fundamental areas of legal studies, legal systems, and the role of Irish, European, and international law. 

During the course, you will learn and examine the causes of crime and society and their reaction to criminality. The university also invites leading experts with research interests in crime, prison, the death penalty, and mental health who will teach in this program. Graduates in criminal law can get into high-paying criminal justice jobs in areas such as government, NGOs, and International Public Administration. 

3. University of Galway

The Faculty of Law awards the Master of Law at the University of Galway. The postgraduate criminal law course, LLM in International Criminal Law, is highly demanded and challenging in Ireland. During the course, you will gain advanced knowledge and understanding of various jurisdictions' history, structures, laws, and practices. 

You will learn in-depth about international criminal law, its component crimes, substantive law, and critical procedures. The program is delivered through lectures, field trips, seminars, workshops, and assessment techniques such as essay writing, research projects, group work, and more. After completing the course, graduates can work as corporate lawyers, criminologists, police supervisors, forensic accountants, associate programme officers, and diplomats. 

Study Criminal Law in Ireland

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How can I get a full scholarship to study criminal law in Ireland?

Law is a promising career in Ireland. Many Irish universities help and offer law scholarships to international students so that they can pursue their higher education. Obtaining a full scholarship to study criminal law in Ireland requires fulfilment of the eligibility criteria and an excellent academic record. 

What exams are required to study criminal law in Ireland?

To pursue a criminal law degree in Ireland, you must qualify for English language skill tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL. 

How many years does it take to become a lawyer in Ireland?

To become a lawyer in Ireland, you must hold a law degree. A bachelor’s in law (LLB) course is three years, and a master’s in law is two years. 

What are the job options for those who study criminal law?

A criminal law degree has many career options for graduates. You can work in human rights, international law, and policy development. Some popular careers include correctional officer, forensic investigator, criminal lawyer, and private investigator. 

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