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Top Six Psychology Degrees at Universities in Ireland

Last updated: 2 May 2024 Psychology

Psychology is a popular subject area that can be studied with different specialisations. As a broad field, it offers a variety of career options to graduates, and commonly gained skills after studying psychology degrees include interpersonal and collaborative skills and the ability to critically evaluate issues with knowledge based on various disciplines like arts, humanities, science, and research.

Universities in Ireland typically offer one-year master's degrees in Psychology and three-year undergraduate programmes. Known for their research-led curriculum, psychology modules at Irish universities include research methods, statistical analysis, and brain behaviour, as well as other modules of specialised psychology branches such as criminal, educational, law, applied, and forensic.

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Top Universities for Psychology in Ireland

Find the top-ranking universities in Ireland for psychology per the QS World University Rankings 2024: Psychology below.

1. Trinity College Dublin

TCD is among the most prestigious Irish universities, with a stellar reputation for its academic excellence and research output. The School of Psychology at the university is the top-ranked in Ireland for the subject due to the high quality of educational training and research. The school aims to offer students a knowledge base and a specific set of skills that enable them to have successful careers in the field and beyond. The university offers a single honours degree at the undergraduate level.

In contrast, at the postgraduate level, there are several taught and research programmes to choose from, including clinical psychology, counselling psychology, applied psychology and global mental health. Students also have the option to study for diploma and certificate courses at the university. 

2. University College Dublin

The UCD School of Psychology is among the leading centres for teaching and conducting research in psychology. The school was established in 1958 and became the first university in Ireland to have developed a psychology laboratory and course in the country. Since then, the school has pioneered professional training in clinical psychology and all other major areas of the field. Several undergraduate and postgraduate study options are available to students for earning psychology degrees and engaging in research. The school also has a Centre for Disability Studies, which again became the first of its kind department for disability studies in the country. 

3. University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is also one of the prominent Irish universities that attract students from across the globe. UL offers many undergraduate and specialised postgraduate programmes through the Department of Psychology that focus on contemporary social issues. Almost all of the courses at the university have been designed to foster curiosity, compassion and critical thinking among students, which allows them to become successful professionals in the long run. The university is also known for its research activities focused on understanding the key issues of our times in the realm of psychology in social, clinical, health and experimental psychology. 

4. University of Galway

The University of Galway imparts high-quality education in the subject through its School of Psychology, housed in a purpose-driven facility in the centre of the campus. The school is recognised for its teaching, community contribution and research activities. The two significant and successful research streams at the university are Brain & Behaviour and Health & Wellbeing. Researchers from both these streams have participated in national and international awards, apart from developing a strong research profile. The courses are available at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the university, many of which are professionally accredited programmes. Students can choose to earn higher diplomas and degrees while studying psychology at the University of Galway. 

5. Dublin City University

Dublin City University psychology courses are designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the human mind and behaviour, preparing them for careers in various fields such as clinical psychology, research, counselling, and organisational psychology. These courses typically cover various topics, including cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and individual differences. Through lectures, seminars, practical exercises, and research projects, students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in areas such as research methods, data analysis, and critical thinking.

6. University College Cork

The School of Applied Psychology at University College Cork is an active member of the university and community to provide insights into human behaviour. Education at the undergraduate level in the discipline includes options to study applied psychology, early years and childhood studies, psychology, and computing. The university offers an exciting range of taught postgraduate courses, enabling students to specialise in applied psychology, work and behaviour psychology, and positive and coaching psychology, among others. Students can also opt for higher diploma courses and doctoral programmes. The university also researches to contribute to the field's knowledge base. 

Study Psychology in Ireland

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What career options are available in Ireland after a psychology degree?

Students can pursue roles such as clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, or educational psychologists while working in healthcare, mental health services, or educational institutions. Lucrative opportunities also exist in human resources, where a psychology background is valued for its insights into organisational behaviour. Graduates can also opt for research, social work, or community development roles, contributing to positive societal changes.

What kind of exposure can a student expect to gain while pursuing a degree in psychology?

Pursuing a degree in psychology offers students multifaceted exposure to the intricacies of human behaviour and mental processes. Through an interesting combination of theoretical coursework and practical applications, students engage in real-world experiences, including internships, research projects, and clinical placements. 

What are three essential skill areas for psychology?

Psychology professionals' three crucial skill areas include strong interpersonal and communication skills, which are fundamental to establishing rapport with clients and collaborating with colleagues. Analytical and critical thinking skills are vital for interpreting research data, understanding complex psychological theories, and developing effective interventions. Lastly, empathy and cultural competence are essential to navigating clients' diverse needs and backgrounds. 

What are three essential qualities and skills to have in psychology?

In psychology, possessing keen observational skills is vital for perceiving subtle behavioural cues and patterns of clients. Effective communication skills, including verbal and written forms, are essential for building trust with clients, articulating findings, and collaborating within interdisciplinary teams. A solid ethical foundation and maintaining confidentiality are also crucial to ensure the well-being and privacy of individuals seeking psychological support.

Universities featured in this article:

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