Tips for Indian Students Arriving in Ireland


Six Tips for Indian Students Arriving in Ireland

Last updated: 18 April 2024 Study in Ireland

Ireland is a lively place to live and study and is fast becoming a must-visit destination for people across the world. Two of its cities—Galway and Dublin—were named as two of the world’s friendliest cities by International travel magazine Condé Nast readers. Education in Ireland is also gaining popularity among Indian students looking for globally recognised bachelor's and master's degrees at affordable universities.

If you are soon to join an Irish University or have already processed your application to study in Ireland, find useful information that will give you a head start for this new chapter of your life. Want to begin your application? Arrange a free consultation with SI-Ireland today.

Tips For Indian Students in Ireland

Tips for Indian Students in Ireland

Ireland is a truly unique country, with beautiful cities and countryside to enchant you and friendly, fun-loving people to welcome you warmly. Studying at Ireland’s top universities can be life-changing for Indian students looking for educational opportunities in an English-speaking country at relatively affordable rates, as higher education in the UK and the US can be expensive.

If Ireland interests you as a study-abroad destination, the following tips can help you have a smooth and hassle-free experience as an Indian student in Ireland. 

1. Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are a critical aspect of international travel, particularly for Indian students who have decided to study in Ireland. To ensure a seamless transition upon arrival, it's essential that you pre-plan transportation arrangements. This involves pre-booking services such as cabs, shuttles, or private cars well before your arrival to avoid any last-minute inconveniences. You can also take buses or trains to nearby cities and university campuses, which are all well-connected to the international airports of Dublin, Shannon and Cork. Irish Rail, Bus Eireann and private coaches provide services to locations around Ireland.

2. Collect your Residence Permit Card

As an Indian student who needs to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days, you must register with the Irish immigration office in person and collect your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card. You can also book an appointment online with the registration office to verify documents, after which the Immigration office will stamp your passport and give you a registration certificate, the IRP card. This is one of the crucial steps you must take to ensure that your stay as an international student in Ireland runs smoothly. 

3. Get your own Bank Account and SIM in Ireland

Students in Ireland can and usually must open a student bank account. Several Irish banks offer international students various services at special student rates. Some banks even offer free banking services to students. It is advisable to open a bank account soon after arriving in Ireland. Documents required for opening a bank account include a passport/driver’s license, proof of home address and Irish address. You should also buy a SIM card to access telephone and internet services. However, if you want to take some time, that can work, as most places have free wi-fi in Ireland. But, sooner or later, you will need one, and when you do, you can easily find a SIM card in any shopping centre. 

4. Attend University Orientation Programmes

Every university organises student orientation programmes for new students immediately before the start of the academic session. Orientation programmes welcome students and inform them about the various facilities, services, support, and guidance available to students on campus, as well as about the structures and procedures of the university. This can be a great opportunity to find all the relevant details about studying in Ireland and the particular university. The orientation programmes also allow students to find people with whom they will be spending their next few years and can start forming meaningful connections with other students. 

5. Get a Student Travel Card

International students in Ireland can take advantage of the student travel cards to gain discounts on transportation. A Student Travel Card, which costs around €13 - €15, is a student ID and discount card that offers up to 40% discounts on various public transport services, including rail and bus networks and some retail outlets. Plan to travel across the country during your study years in Ireland. You can also get a Student Leap Card, a national travel and discount card for international students, costing around €7 - €10. 

6. Enjoy Irish Culture, Lifestyle and Weather

The Irish have an impactful cultural identity and a lifestyle that attracts many international students to come and study in Ireland. As an Indian student, if you can mingle with Irish people and enjoy their more than 300 festivals, you can easily have a memorable time studying in this country. The weather, however, can make you feel uncomfortable, so you must prepare yourself for the bone-chilling Irish winters and the unpredictable rain. Pack proper warm clothes, rain jackets and umbrellas.

Once you get used to the weather, you will find that the country is lively, mainly because of the warm people who welcome international students. To truly enjoy your stay in Ireland, you must visit the local cafes, markets, art galleries and countryside villages and accept the warm hospitality of friendly Irish people.

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