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The Best Marketing Degrees in Ireland

Posted 6 March 2023 Marketing

With technological advancements, the growth of the internet, and the importance of online visibility, marketing has emerged as one of the most important departments in any business. Marketing courses have been in demand for decades. Currently, digital marketing courses are on the rise, with universities worldwide offering the latest skills to students who wish to pursue a career in marketing, especially through earning a digital marketing degree.

Ireland has some of the world's best universities, providing comprehensive marketing and business courses and the option to work for two years in the country to graduate. The country's vibrant economy has big multinational corporations stationed in the major cities. These companies are always looking for talented people with particular skill sets, making the job market a perfect place for students having marketing degrees.

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Top Seven Universities for Marketing in Ireland

1. Trinity College Dublin 

TCD offers its marketing programmes through the triple-accredited Trinity Business School. The curriculum for most courses at the school is particularly embedded with social, governance and environmental solutions to help students become successful business leaders who are aware of societal needs.  Students can take up undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as per their choices. The best marketing courses focus on branding, marketing strategy, consumer psychology and the important communication skills needed to excel in the field. 

2. University College Dublin

University College Dublin has been imparting high-quality education to thousands of students since it began in 1854. Marketing courses at UCD have an international reputation for the quality of education, including research output and teaching. Through the UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business and the UCD Smurfit School, the university offers specialised graduate programmes in marketing. Students get the chance to work with leading international faculty and industry partners to build a strong foundation of business knowledge. The interaction between teaching and research departments is particularly strong at UCD, leading to international standards of research publications on the subject. 

3. University College Cork

The Cork University Business School at UCC offers various courses in the subject through its Department of Management and Marketing. The curriculum at the university ensures that students are trained in specialised skills and knowledge to become successful marketing leaders. Graduate students also get the chance to gain crucial practical experience through an applied research and consultancy project that is completed in collaboration with industry partners. UCC ensures its graduates develop strategic skills and creative abilities and undergo personal development to stand out in their professional fields. 

4. University of Limerick

The University of Limerick's specialised Department of Management and Marketing at the Kemmy Business School engages in teaching and research across the disciplines of information management, marketing, management, communications, entrepreneurship, and project management. The courses at the school are taught by award-winning faculty members who draw on insights gained from their research and industry experience. The department also has an active research culture in which innovations are conducted in collaboration with industry partners. The courses with a master's in marketing are particularly popular in the discipline.

5. Dublin City University

Dublin City University offers undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing with interesting specialisation options. Students are trained to become future marketing leaders by being given the required knowledge and skills through the specially designed curriculum. There are masters in digital marketing courses as well that focus on deepening the understanding of students on how digital technologies work to optimise buyer awareness, intention, and sentiment. Graduates from the DCU have highly developed competencies in data-driven decision-making and communications. 

6. Maynooth University 

The Maynooth University School of Business offers marketing programmes. The faculty of marketing courses come from diverse backgrounds to ensure that students are trained through a blend of local and international expertise. Students can expect to explore topics such as online retailing, consumer behaviour, marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises and digital marketing. The curriculum has been designed to impart a deep understanding of marketing functions and the concepts of management and business processes. Students are allowed to specialise their degree according to their interests and strengths. 

7. TU Dublin

TU Dublin was Ireland's first technological university, established in 2019, but its roots date back to 1887. The School of Marketing at TU Dublin offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes, specialising in digital marketing, advertising, marketing communications, content marketing, and much more. Students can choose from short-term and long-term courses according to their choices, some of which also include conversion programmes in the subject. The courses have been designed to allow students to either join the job market directly or take up higher education.

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