Best Universities in Ireland for Data Science


The Best Data Science Courses in Ireland for International Students

Posted 3 July 2023 Computer Science Data Science

The technologically advanced world of today is driven by data, and the people who are in the most demand professionally in this scenario are data scientists. At the core of the success of every business or organisation is the ability to analyse and interpret the ever-expanding data into meaningful reports to take further action. This kind of demand has increased the job opportunities available for Data Science graduates, who now must be educated with the latest skills to have better career prospects. 

Ireland has a thriving tech industry, with many multinational companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft having their European headquarters in Dublin. This provides numerous opportunities for data science graduates to work in the tech industry after pursuing higher study options in the country and gaining valuable experience. Irish universities are well-known for imparting high-quality education in many fields, including Data Science. By studying the subject in Ireland, students will gain highly sought-after skills and knowledge, making them employable in the country and other parts of the world. Keep reading ahead to find the best universities for studying Data Science. 

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Best Universities in Ireland for Data Science

University College Dublin

UCD is one of the top-ranked universities in Ireland that is renowned worldwide for its high-quality education. The university provides full-time and part-time programmes in data science, wherein students can earn diplomas and degrees according to their choice. The specialised education in the field has courses that have been designed to equip students with skills necessary for the job market, and interested students also pursue further education and research opportunities. 

Dublin City University

One of the popular universities in Ireland, Dublin City University has a specialised Bachelor's in Data Science that combines the three key skill sets of mathematics, computing and enterprise to provide core knowledge in the areas needed in the job market. The university has industrial partnerships allowing students to engage in real-world problems and data sets. 

Maynooth University

A top-ranking Irish university having a strong reputation for excellence in education, Maynooth University provides courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In these courses, students take up computer science, statistics and mathematics as the major subjects. They become equipped with tools to collect and analyse large volumes of data to solve problems faced by businesses and organisations. As data literacy is one of the top skills that employers are looking for, these degrees have the potential to make the students' job ready with the right skill sets and knowledge. 

University of Galway

The University of Galway is a top-ranking public research university that was established in 1845. The advanced MSc programme in the subject is taught to graduates of computer science. They are provided with in-depth knowledge and skills in the emerging sector of Data Analytics and Data Science, and the course is delivered by a team of internationally recognised experts in the field, who cover areas such as large-scale data analytics, deep learning, natural language processing, advanced data mining and machine learning, among others. Students are also given the opportunity to complete a project in collaboration with the research groups at the university or with industry partners.

Trinity College Dublin

Among the oldest higher education institutions in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin is a world-renowned university known for its impeccable academic courses. The data science postgraduate programme at the university is a great choice for students looking to have a solid career in the field. The course is delivered by leading experts in the industry and includes taught modules involving attendance at labs and lectures, which is followed by dedicated research work for the dissertation. Students can choose to complete the course with a specialisation in one of the four exciting areas: Intelligent Systems, Data Science, Future Networked Systems and Augmented & Virtual Reality.

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