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A strategic report on the ‘First Destination of 2016 Graduates’ prepared by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland reveals that almost 70% of all graduates from the seven public universities in Ireland are in employment. Moreover, the report shows that of the 70% of university graduates employed in 2016, about 60% were working in Ireland, whilst 10% found a job in other countries.

The job market in Ireland is optimistic and a consistent growth in the service sector makes it the first choice of Irish university graduates. Sector wise, employment trends in 2016 show that maximum graduates were offered jobs in ITC companies followed by the education sector.

The top five destinations where Irish university postgraduates were employed in 2016 are:

Study and Work in Ireland

Better Work Opportunities in Ireland

The main reasons why university graduates have better post study work opportunities in Ireland compared to other European countries include:

How to Study in Ireland and Get a Student Visa with Work Permit

International students in Ireland enrolled for undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses can receive a work permit on their student visa.

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