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Where Can I Study Automobile Engineering in Ireland?

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Automobile engineering is one of the most sophisticated degrees in engineering, and it involves the study of manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms, and automobile operations. In an automobile engineering course, you will study how to create and assemble the parts of automobiles. You will also inspect and research new machines and layouts. 

Ireland's universities, such as Technological University, Dublin, and Munster Technological University, offer automobile engineering degrees at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The course curriculum will help you enhance your technical skills, mathematical knowledge, computer skills, and analytical skills. Graduates in this industry can pursue careers as industrial engineers, quality engineers, and automobile designers. 

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automotive engineering courses in ireland

Top Universities for Automobile Engineering in Ireland

Automobile engineering is a subject that combines engineering, technological, and management skills related to the automobile industry and transportation management. Here are the top Irish universities that offer automobile engineering at various levels.

Atlantic Technological University

A Bachelor in Electric Vehicle Engineering at Atlantic Technological University (School of Science and Engineering) is a full-time programme (Level 7) that prepares students to research and develop the creation of vehicles. The curriculum comprises combustion engines, crash impact processing, sustainable energy systems, and electric propulsion. The course is delivered through lectures, practical training, workshops, and seminars where you will learn to design and understand the importance of low-emission vehicles and how you can impact society. Graduates after a bachelor of automotive engineering can opt for careers in automotive repair, service and upgrade, public transport and NCT facilities, investigation and fleet management. 

Munster Technological University

The Munster Technological University’s Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology and Management is a three-year, full-time undergraduate course that blends theoretical and applied areas of study in transportation engineering. The programme is delivered through lectures, seminars, workshops, and assignments related to practical aspects of engineering. At the end of the course, graduates will have a comprehensive understanding of the wider business and economic context within which the automotive industry operates. Employment opportunities include supervisors, technical, and management positions in transport, motor, and fleet industries. 

Munster Technological University (Bishoptown Campus) offers a B.Sc Hons in Automotive Business Management and Technology, a Level 8 full-time qualification programme. The four-year course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of the automotive sector. 

The Hons programme combines management, financial, legal, and strategic analysis modules to offer graduates opportunities for career advancement. Graduates can look for many opportunities, from motor dealerships to vehicle distributors, fleet operators, and sales positions. 

A Bachelor in Engineering in Mechanical offered at Munster Technological University (Kerry North) is a blended degree programme covering subjects and topics like manufacturing and mechanical engineering. In the automobile engineering courses, you will gain technical and soft skills and the competencies to work effectively and efficiently within multidisciplinary teams. You will get to work and interact in virtual and augmented reality. At the end of the programme, you will develop an in-depth understanding of digital and immersive technologies and identify opportunities to utilise them effectively in the industry. 

Graduates qualifying from automotive engineering colleges can pursue careers in medtech, automotive, manufacturing, pharma, and electronic manufacturing. 

Technological University Dublin

The Automotive Management and Technology is a three-year (Level 7) programme that prepares students for a career in the automotive industry. The Bachelor of Automotive Engineering comes under the engineering discipline. The course programme will equip you with the necessary mix of academic and practical knowledge and cover topics such as principles and applications of business management, business and technology, which help you to build a solid foundation for a career in the automotive industry. After the course, graduates can opt for various career options, such as fleet manager, parts adviser, vehicle sales executive, and automobile designer. 

Study Automobile Engineering in Ireland

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What subjects are needed for automobile engineering in Ireland?

To pursue automobile engineering courses in Ireland, you must have an excellent academic record with minimum English language requirements. In addition, you must have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects in your higher secondary education. However, for a postgraduate degree, you must require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, i.e., automobile engineering. 

What are the career options available for automobile engineering?

Graduates in automobile engineering can choose from a wide range of careers. They can take up engineering roles across the following sectors: general manufacturing, medtech, pharma, electronic manufacturing, and automotive. Some popular careers include production support engineer, design engineer, polymer engineer, and mechanical engineer. The average automobile engineering salary in Ireland is around €57,185 to €101,110 annually. 

What is the purpose of doing automobile engineering in Ireland?

A degree in automobile engineering prepares you for manufacturing and operating vehicles while studying mechanics, physics, design, product, sales, and innovation. During the programme, you will learn how to design and manufacture mobility systems, operate engineering systems, and create prototypes. 

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