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Where Can I Study Environmental Engineering in Ireland?

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Environmental engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on protecting and improving the environment. Study programmes and professional pathways equip students with the in-depth knowledge and latest skills needed to address our world's complex environmental challenges and contribute to developing sustainable solutions for the future.

Ireland is a great place to pursue environmental engineering courses as the country actively participates in international environmental initiatives and collaborations. This educational environment allows students to engage with global environmental challenges and solutions while studying their course of interest. Additionally, Irish universities are well-known for their excellent academic standards and research facilities in many disciplines, including environmental engineering, which provide students with a top-notch education. 

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Top Universities to Study Environmental Engineering in Ireland

1. University College Dublin

Being one of the most popular universities in Ireland, University College Dublin offers higher education in engineering through UCD College of Engineering and Architecture. The specialised courses in the field prepare students to get trained to work in environmental protection and management. Students can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses where they get advanced theoretical and conceptual knowledge on engineering hydrology, solid waste management, environmental modelling, water and wastewater treatment, and environmental data analysis, among others. 

2. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is a prestigious Irish university offering impeccable academic programmes in multiple disciplines. Students can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in environmental science and engineering. One of the best courses on offer is an integrated degree that allows students to complete a BSc in Environmental Science and Engineering with an extra year to earn a Master's degree. The courses at TCD have been designed to train students with the relevant knowledge and competencies to deploy solutions protecting the environment and human well-being. These courses are also interdisciplinary, combining the expertise of different schools, such as the School of Natural Science and the School of Engineering at the university. 

3. University College Cork

UCC is one of Ireland’s oldest universities, and it has been providing high-quality education to students since 1845. The university's focus on the environment has been instrumental in gaining the title of being the first university in the world to be awarded a Green Flag for all its environmental education and sustainability initiatives. Students can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to specialise in environmental engineering and gain a comprehensive civil and structural engineering degree. The courses allow students to learn mathematics and science to solve problems, gain IT skills, develop creativity, and learn communication skills to function effectively as individuals and in teams. 

4. TU Dublin

The university is home to a vibrant academic community that provides innovative teaching experiences to students through programmes aligned with industry standards. Students can choose from the several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of their choice, including environmental engineering degree options. These courses include in-depth modules on relevant subjects to help students better understand how to create systems for sustainability and environmental protection. The specialised courses also include learnings on smart technologies, project work, and simulation, all of which allow students to train for a thriving career in the environmental sector and positively impact the world. 

5. Munster Technological University

MTU is Ireland's second technological university, formed by merging two institutes of technology. It provides students with academic programmes at several levels, from apprenticeships to PhDs. They can opt for undergraduate or postgraduate environmental science and engineering programmes, most of which are taught through industry-relevant modules. These courses also have significant laboratory elements in the overall curriculum to help them gain practical knowledge of the field, which can be applied in their careers. Apart from the core scientific and technical modules, lessons are also given to develop various competencies such as communication, presentation, report writing, and research methodology.

Study Environmental Engineering in Ireland

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What is the highest salary for an environmental engineer?

The highest salary for an Environmental Engineer in Ireland can go up to €62,500 annually. 

What field do most environmental engineers work in?

Most environmental engineers work in the environmental protection, sustainability, and public health sectors. 

What are the top three industries that employ environmental engineers?

The top three industries that employ environmental engineers are water and wastewater management, environmental consulting firms, and government regulatory agencies.

What are the major areas of environmental engineering?

The major areas of environmental engineering encompass disciplines that address environmental challenges and promote sustainability. These areas include water and wastewater management, air quality control, solid and hazardous waste management, environmental remediation, renewable energy development, environmental impact assessment, and sustainable infrastructure design. 

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