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Top Ireland Universities to Study Chemical Engineering

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Chemical engineering is a multidisciplinary field that combines chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering principles to solve real-world problems. As part of their chemical engineering courses, students learn chemical engineering basics by diving into various subjects, including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, process control, and reaction engineering. The subject bridges scientific discoveries and practical applications of the processes that turn raw materials into valuable products. 

Ireland’s education system strongly focuses on science, technology, and innovation. The nation currently holds a strong position with the European Union due to the presence of multinational companies that enable students to find pathways to enter chemical engineering jobs. For these reasons, aspiring chemical engineers have chosen Ireland to earn a globally recognized chemical engineering degree.

Ireland has some of the best universities for chemical engineering in Europe (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024), offering high-quality education in the field with courses that combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience opportunities. Learn more below and begin applying to study in Ireland by arranging a free consultation today.

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Top Chemical Engineering Universities in Ireland

1. University College Dublin

Ireland's biggest and among the most prestigious universities, UCD, has been at the forefront of education and research in engineering education, including chemical engineering. Through the UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, the university offers students specialized undergraduate and postgraduate educational options. Most of these programmes enable students to be technically, environmentally, ethically and socially aware. Graduates from the university, especially those pursuing a master's degree in chemical engineering, gain the capability to work at some of the highest engineering and managerial levels in diverse sectors in Ireland and internationally. They are also given unparalleled research opportunities while pursuing their education, leading to groundbreaking outputs in chemical engineering. 

2. University College Cork

UCC is among the oldest Irish universities, established in 1845. Through its Department of Process and Chemical Engineering, University College Cork offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education courses for students and professionals who aspire to expand their knowledge of the subject. The university also has a solid research reputation, enabling students to support faculty members in groundbreaking research output. The department also links extensively with industry partners, particularly pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. These connections allow students to get practical experience through internships and jobs after graduation. 

3. University of Limerick

Among Ireland's youngest universities that have made a name for themselves due to the high quality of education, the University of Limerick provides a great learning experience. Through the Department of Chemical Sciences, UL delivers outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in chemical engineering. Students can pursue courses with various subject combinations, including options for biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical and industrial engineering. The department also engages in research activities, enabling students to apply what they learn to find solutions to pressing problems. Most programmes at the university are IChemE accredited, which ensures international professional recognition to students. 

Study Chemical Engineering in Ireland

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Do Irish Universities provide scholarships for chemical engineering students in Ireland?

Irish universities offer chemical engineering scholarships to deserving candidates pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies. 

What are the career options available for chemical engineering?

Chemical engineering offers various career opportunities across different industries, making it a versatile and in-demand field of study. Graduates with a degree in chemical engineering can pursue careers in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy, environmental protection, food and beverage, and materials science. Some common chemical engineering careers include process engineer, research scientist, environmental engineer, quality control manager, project manager, and manufacturing engineer.

What are three important skill areas for chemical engineers?

Chemical engineers usually require strong analytical and problem-solving skills to navigate complex processes. Effective communication and collaboration skills are equally important as they often work in interdisciplinary teams. Apart from these skill areas, a keen attention to safety and environmental considerations is of prime importance.

What is the scope of chemical engineering in Ireland?

The scope of chemical engineering in Ireland is quite promising for graduates as the country has a booming pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, in which chemical engineers play a pivotal role in different functions. 

What kind of exposure can a student expect to gain while pursuing a degree in chemical engineering?

A student pursuing a recognised chemical engineering degree in Ireland can expect to gain comprehensive exposure that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications of the core concepts. 

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