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Where Can I Study Robotics Engineering in Ireland?

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Robotics is an engineering discipline that designs, develops, and applies robotic systems. It comprises mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer science subjects, providing a solid foundation for the principles behind robot design. Robotics in Ireland has a high scope for future career growth, and according to the Statista Market Forecast, revenue in the robotics market is projected to reach $139.40 million in 2024, showing that Ireland’s robotics market is expanding rapidly, driven by its highly skilled workforce and government support for innovation.

Robotics courses in Ireland can be pursued at bachelor’s and master’s levels in various specialisations, where you will gain knowledge and skills in the robotics field to contribute to advancements in technology and automation. 

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Top Universities For Robotics

Find leading universities in Ireland offering robotics engineering degrees below.

1. University College Dublin

The University College Dublin is a public research university established in 1854. It is one of Europe's most prestigious universities and the first choice for international students coming to Ireland. With a QS World Ranking of 171st and a high graduate employability rating, UCD has an impressive record that attracts international students to take courses at the university. 

The robotics course at University College Dublin provides insights into modern robotics and innovative technologies. During the curriculum, you will cover and understand the fundamental principles of robotic technologies, simulations, and the importance of analysing the process and production data. The topics include manipulator kinematics, robot programming, advanced process modelling, sensors and vision systems, and robot environments. Robotics in Ireland is delivered through lectures, task-based learning, lab work, and group projects, and after completing the course, you can work in leading automation and biomedical manufacturing companies. 

2. University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is an internationally focused university founded in 1989 in Limerick, Ireland. The university offers various programs, from certificates to doctorate degree in various fields.

The bachelor’s and master's in robotics in Ireland combine innovative teaching methods, award-winning faculty staff, and state-of-the-art facilities. During the course, you will learn and understand how to design and build machines, robots, and other automated systems. With the rise of automation and Industry 4.0, the demand for professionals who understand digital mechatronics has never been higher. Some popular careers in robotics engineering include mechatronic specialist, automation engineer, and control systems engineer. 

3. Maynooth University

Established in 1997, Maynooth University is a constituent university of the National University of Ireland in Maynooth. It is recognised for its quality education, research, and commitment to teaching excellence. The humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences form the intellectual and academic core of the university, complemented by strong departments and programs in teacher education, engineering, business, and law. 

Robotics courses at Maynooth University cover many topics, including signal processing, control theory, programming, and electronics. They are delivered through lectures, lab work, and project work. You can also opt for a transfer pathway from first-year Robotics and Intelligent Devices to second-year Engineering. To be eligible for the program, students must acquire 50% in Mathematics and pass the year. Possible graduate roles include software engineer, intelligent analyst, and embedded systems engineer. 

Study Robotics Ireland

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What is the duration of a Master of Robotics Engineering course?

The Master of Robotics Engineering course lasts two years. To pursue the program, students must have completed a bachelor’s in robotics or any relevant engineering field.

What is the scope of studying robotics?

A career after studying robotics will be in high demand in the coming years. Graduates in robotic engineering can be employed in manufacturing plants, gaming industries, aerospace, mining, and medical fields. 

What are the career opportunities after completing a robotics degree?

Some popular career opportunities after completing a robotics degree include electromechanical and robotics technician, robotics engineer, artificial intelligence scientist, and aerospace engineer. 

Is there a scholarship programme for robotics at universities?

Ireland universities offer many scholarships to international students studying at bachelor’s and master’s levels. Some popular scholarships include the Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship by the University College Dublin and the Dr Elmer Morrissey Memorial Scholarship by the University College Cork, Ireland. 

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