Top Five Universities in Ireland to Study Biomedical Science


Top Five Universities in Ireland to Study a Biomedical Science Degree

Last updated: 2 January 2024 STEM Careers

Biomedical science is an exciting field of study that has led to a profound exploration of the biological processes governing living organisms. Much of the focus of biomedical studies is on studying and researching human health and disease and as an interdisciplinary domain, biomedical science integrates principles from biology, chemistry, physics, and genetics to decipher the human body's complexities. 

The top universities in Ireland for biomedical science provide specialised courses that include hands-on laboratory work and research endeavours; besides offering a strong academic foundation, students also gain relevant practical skills and a deep understanding of the mechanisms underlying health and pathology.

If you want to study biomedical science in Ireland, find its leading universities in the subject below (2023 QS World University Subject Rankings). Ready to begin your application, or have further questions? Contact SI-Ireland today for a free consultation on your study abroad future.

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Top Universities for Biomedical Science in Ireland

1. Trinity College Dublin

TCD is the best university for biomedical science in Ireland and offers several undergraduate and postgraduate study options through the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute. The interdisciplinary approach at the university leads to groundbreaking scientific discoveries in the field of biomedical sciences, which eventually helps provide better patient care. Courses at the school are available in exciting combinations of subjects such as biochemistry, biomedical engineering, immunology, and pharmacy. The university enables students to gain a strong academic background with practical experience using core technologies such as NMR and transgenics. 

2. University College Dublin

One of Ireland's best biomedical science universities, UCD imparts high-quality education programmes through the UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science. The school aims to deliver teaching and research that fosters student learning and discovery through national and international collaborations. The university offers the BSc and MSc study pathways for pursuing biomedical sciences through an interdisciplinary approach. The school comprises staff members with backgrounds in biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, and neuroscience who are experts in their fields. The course curriculum for most programmes is developed in close consultation with industry partners, enabling students to be ready for a thriving career in the field. 

3. University College Cork

One of the most prestigious Irish universities in the city of Cork, University College Cork, offers undergraduate and postgraduate biomedical courses through the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. The postgraduate opportunities involve taught and research-based options that can be taken by students seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. The school is among the country's most successful life sciences institutions and has created a name for itself since its inception in 2013. Students get to learn and conduct research under the guidance of internationally recognised researchers in multiple disciplines. Most of the courses are built around biochemistry, biomedical sciences and genetics, giving students a stimulating educational experience. 

4. University of Galway

The University of Galway has created a stellar international reputation in biomedical science as it is the biggest Irish research university in the field. The city of Galway is also considered one of the five global hubs for the biomedical industry, enabling students to get excellent career opportunities after graduation. Students are given access to industry-standard course materials while gaining guidance from leading researchers in the field. The university has not only been supremely successful in advancing biomedical knowledge but has also been developing treatments for patients through research work. 

5. Dublin City University

Among the youngest Irish universities that have created an excellent academic reputation worldwide, Dublin City University offers biomedical science courses through its School of Biotechnol. The programmes at the university are designed by combining elements from various disciplines, such as biology, genetics, and bioinformatics. The courses are taught through rigorous academic training by experienced faculty members. Students also get access to practical experience, which enhances their understanding of the applications of biomedical science concepts in healthcare and research. The university also provides technical skills to students who learn in well-equipped laboratories. 

Study Biomedical Science in Ireland

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How much does a biomedical scientist make in Ireland?

On average, a biomedical scientist can earn almost €35,137 in Ireland, which can even go to more than  €50,000 with experience. 

What are the career opportunities for biomedical science students?

Biomedical science students have diverse career opportunities after graduation, including roles like biomedical researchers, clinical laboratory scientists, pharmaceutical analysts, healthcare consultants, and medical writers. 

Do Irish universities offer scholarships in the field of biomedicine?

Yes, Irish universities offer scholarships in biomedicine to attract and support talented international students.

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