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STEM Degrees at Universities in Ireland

Last updated: 3 May 2024 STEM Careers

STEM jobs are critical for a country’s economic growth in today’s evolving times, and STEM graduates play an increasingly significant role in enhancing a nation's prosperity and wealth. Due to the high demand for STEM professionals worldwide, many students are interested in studying STEM degrees in Ireland at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Best Career Options for STEM Graduates

Demand for STEM Graduates for High Paying Careers

Ireland is a hub for Technology, MedTech, BioPharma and Finance multinationals with a huge scope for STEM professional recruitment. As a result, many Irish universities offer unique programmes with high-level industry collaboration to help bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled STEM graduates and also to bring more females into the STEM workforce. 

According to the report by CEDEFOP, the demand for STEM graduates in the international market is set to grow by 8% by 2025, along with an employment growth rate of 6.5%.

Best Jobs for STEM Graduates in 2024

The demand for STEM graduates is high across all sectors of the economy. There are ample job opportunities for graduates with the right degree, specialisation and skills. The main reason for this phenomenon is that STEM degrees offer long-term career prospects with high salaries, low unemployment rates and better growth opportunities. 

Job Title 

Median Salary

Petroleum Engineer










Software Developer


Information Security Analysts


Top Five Universities in Ireland to Study STEM

1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is a renowned Irish university known for providing academic excellence in STEM education. It offers a diverse range of programmes that reflect traditional and emerging disciplines. With a commitment to fostering innovation and critical thinking, TCD provides technologically advanced facilities and research opportunities. STEM programmes at TCD cover a broad spectrum, including disciplines like Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Biological Sciences. The university also focuses on a hands-on and research-oriented approach, allowing students to engage with real-world challenges and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.

2. RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) University of Medicine and Health Sciences primarily focuses on medical and health sciences education. It is world-renowned for its medical programmes, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in medicine and surgery, making it a prominent university with science programmes. Other courses in STEM fields are not available at the university. Still, the significance of its medical courses is high, enabling the university to be included as among the best for medical courses. Students at RCSI benefit from the facilities, clinical exposure, and a strong emphasis on research in the medical and health sciences fields. 

3. University College Dublin

University College Dublin is a leading institution in Ireland that offers comprehensive STEM education. It provides diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, allowing students to gain a strong foundation in STEM disciplines and cutting-edge research opportunities. STEM programmes at UCD span various fields, including Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Biological and Environmental Sciences. The university's emphasis on practical learning is evident through state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced research centres, and collaborative projects that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges.

4. University College Cork

University College Cork is a distinguished Irish university offering various educational options for STEM fields. The programmes combine academic excellence with practical experience at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, catering to diverse interests within these fields. STEM disciplines at UCC include Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. One notable aspect of STEM education at UCC is the emphasis on hands-on learning and research opportunities. The university boasts modern laboratories, advanced facilities, and collaborative spaces where students can engage with real-world problems and contribute to ongoing research projects.

5. University of Galway

The University of Galway is recognised for offering a solid foundation to STEM programmes. The university provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various STEM disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, and Biological and Environmental Sciences. The university's curriculum is committed to staying at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements, providing students with a comprehensive and up-to-date education. The faculty at the university comprises accomplished researchers and professionals who contribute to academia and industry. 

Study STEM in Ireland

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What are the benefits of STEM education?

STEM education offers numerous benefits to students as they can develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a drive for innovation. It equips students to tackle real-world challenges, promotes a deeper understanding of the natural world, and prepares them for diverse, in-demand careers. 

What is the hardest STEM course?

Determining the hardest STEM course can be subjective, as it would depend on the individual strengths, interests, and learning styles of students pursuing the courses. However, some STEM courses are commonly perceived as challenging due to their rigorous content and complex concepts. Courses like Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Calculus, and Theoretical Physics are often considered among the most difficult due to their abstract nature and the need for advanced mathematical reasoning. 

Which schools are best for STEM in Ireland?

The best schools for STEM in Ireland are University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, University of Galway and Dublin City University

What are the important facts about STEM?

Some of the most important facts about STEM are:

Are high-paying STEM jobs becoming more attainable for those without a degree?

While certain high-paying STEM jobs may be accessible without a traditional degree, the overall hiring trends are evolving. The tech industry, for instance, increasingly values skills and practical experience. Alternative education paths, such as coding boot camps and online certifications, are gaining recognition among employers. However, a degree remains a standard requirement for many STEM positions, especially in research and specialised fields.

Universities featured in this article:

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  • University College Cork
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • University of Galway
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