Ireland University Intakes for International Students

Ireland University Intakes


Ireland University Intakes

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Understanding which intakes to begin studying in Ireland can significantly impact your study plans. It is not merely about knowing when the semesters will start, but also aligning your academic goals, application timelines, and personal circumstances to ensure a seamless and successful transition to an Irish university.

By clearly understanding the intakes in Ireland, you can strategically plan your application process, giving you the best chance of securing a place in your preferred programme at a reputable institution.

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Intakes in Ireland

In Ireland, there are typically two major intakes for international students:

As the intakes are held at different times of the year, the entire process takes on different timelines during which all the formalities must be completed by aspiring students. For better clarity, we have provided a tentative schedule so you can complete the steps and be ready to start your academic sessions in the respective intake. 

What to consider when choosing your intake

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Ireland University Intakes FAQ

What are the major intakes in Ireland?

The major intakes in Ireland are the fall intake (starting in September) and the spring intake (starting in February).

How many intakes are there for Ireland?

There are two major intakes per year in Ireland. 

When should I apply for the September intake in Ireland?

You must have applied from February to April to decide to start studying at the September intake. 

What is the difference between September intake and February intake in Ireland?

The primary difference between the September intake and the February intake in Ireland is the timing of the academic year. The September intake aligns with the traditional academic calendar, while the February intake is a mid-academic-year option.

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SI-Ireland specialises in selecting the right Irish university for international students by reviewing your academic background, discussing your career goals and helping you apply. Our application services can help you achieve your dream of studying in Ireland.


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