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Study a forensic science degree in Ireland

Forensic Science is the study of gathering evidence from past events. The most publicised part of the subject is crime scene investigation. However, forensics covers a wide range of subjects, including anthropology, computer science, and anatomy. It gained popularity for academic and professional use during the 1970s and remains a key part of today's justice system.

Forensic scientists develop observation skills and analytical thinking and can work independently or in groups. Although Forensic Science is available as an undergraduate degree at many Irish universities, it is more common as a postgraduate course, generally taken after a degree in chemistry or biology.

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Forensic Science Careers

There is a huge demand for skilled forensic science graduates in law enforcement, be it the police force, customs or investigatory agencies. Forensic Science graduates will find employment as forensic scientists, analytical chemists, laboratory technicians, toxicology or criminal justice.

Forensic Science Entry Requirements

Entry requirements vary for each Irish university, but international students need an IELTS score of 6.0 overall, no lower than 5.5 in each component, and an International Baccalaureate score of 32 points.

Where can I study Forensic Science in Ireland?

Learn more about Ireland universities that offer forensic science courses below:

  1. University College Dublin
  2. University College Cork
  3. University of Limerick
  4. Maynooth University
  5. South East Technological University
  6. Atlantic Technological University

Study Forensic Science in Ireland

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