Oil, Gas and Petroleum Management Study in Ireland

Oil, Gas and Petroleum Management Degree in Ireland

Oil, Gas and Petroleum Management Courses in Ireland

Introduction to Oil, Gas and Petroleum Management

An oil, gas, and petroleum management degree is designed to help students become knowledgeable managers who can advise how a company can best move forward in a particular aspect of the business. Unlike an engineering degree in the subject, a management programme will see you learn about topics such as accounting, economics, and law within modules on logistics, project management, and strategic management.

As the energy sector faces new challenges due to climate change and stiff competition from rival firms, competent and informed management staff is crucial. This, in turn, results in higher-than-average starting salaries for graduates entering the sector.

If you wish to work for one of the seven stars – the common term for the world’s seven largest energy companies – then a Management degree in Oil, Gas and Petroleum is crucial to your long-term career aspirations.

Careers in Oil, Gas and Petroleum Management

Oil, Gas and Petroleum Management graduates will initially apply for an environmental consultant or research administrator positions. As you gain experience, senior positions in operations and team leading will materialise, and you will be further involved in discovering and maintaining the world’s oil and gas supply.

Oil, Gas and Petroleum Management Entry Requirements

A minimum 2:2 undergraduate degree in geology, engineering, or business or finance is required for an Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Management postgraduate programme.

Please note that entry requirements vary for each university.

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