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Ireland PhD Application Service

Study a PhD in Ireland

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the most common type of doctoral degree and requires students to complete a thesis on a substantial piece of research that is judged by a team of examiners. As one of the highest awarded degrees at an Irish university, you will need all the help necessary to submit a successful application.

SI-Ireland’s PhD Application Service can help you be accepted successfully on to a PhD programme in Ireland by advising you on your choice of university, providing intensive interview practice and editing your personal statement and research proposal into what an admissions panel wants to read.

Why use the PhD Service?

The PhD Service will do the following to maximise your chance of securing an offer:

PhD Research Proposal Tips

Your research proposal should be 1000-2000 words and include the following:

A research proposal enables the academic staff responsible for selecting applicants to assess:

Download a sample of a research proposal here.

Study a PhD in Ireland

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