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Top Engineering Degrees in Ireland

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An engineering degree from an Irish university prepares students for a challenging career within a highly competitive professional arena. Engineering ideas and unique technological solutions make everyday life easier, making an engineering degree one of the most coveted qualifications.

Studying Engineering at the best universities in Ireland gives you the flexibility to choose from varied disciplines across the broader engineering framework and the opportunity to get trained by the best minds in this field. All universities in Ireland offer different types of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Biomedical and more. 

Read below to find the best universities to study engineering in Ireland (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024). If you want to begin your application, arrange a free consultation with SI-Ireland today.

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Best Universities to Study Engineering in Ireland

1. Trinity College Dublin

The School of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin is one of Ireland’s best-ranked and the oldest school that has been imparting high-quality education to students. The school offers various engineering courses, including mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, and structural and geotechnical engineering, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The courses at the university cover detailed modules on various subjects, and the curriculum is structured so that the students can exploit their full potential. The expert faculty at the university employs innovative teaching methods to give the students world-class education in their chosen fields of study. TCD is also a leader in research, crossing disciplinary boundaries within the engineering field to find real-world solutions to the many challenges our world faces today. 

2. University College Dublin

UCD boasts of having the largest and most comprehensive engineering college in Ireland. The College of Engineering and Architecture has a staff of over 400 expert faculty and more than 2200 students. The College is further segregated into six schools focusing on engineering disciplines such as civil, chemical, electrical, structural, biomedical, mechanical, and architecture.

All schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including some of the best interdisciplinary courses. The faculty at UCD are expert teachers and researchers whose works have been published in academic journals. Many of the university's academics are also members of national and international professional bodies such as Engineers Ireland, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Irish Academy, among others. 

3. University College Cork

University College Cork is among the most prestigious universities in Ireland, offering a wide range of engineering programmes through the School of Engineering and Architecture. UCC boasts of having an engineering department for almost a century. The school is known to provide expertise in education and research within various engineering fields, such as chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil and others. One can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in different fields of engineering. Graduates and academics from UCC contribute immensely to advancing engineering technologies worldwide and are highly regarded by employers globally. 

4. University of Galway

The University of Galway has been imparting high-quality engineering education to students through its College of Science and Engineering. The College is further divided into five schools covering different areas of science in specifications, one of them being the School of Engineering, which offers a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral programmes. The school provides professionally accredited courses in various disciplines such as biomedical, civil, mechanical, energy systems, and electrical.

The university is also known to be a top institution in Ireland for graduate employability, with 96% of the fresh graduates being employed or in further studies within six months of completing their studies. The school also includes recognised innovators who have contributed to advancing engineering knowledge through their expertise and research initiatives. 

5. University of Limerick

The University of Limerick (UL) is a research-led and enterprising university offering high-quality education and research. The School of Engineering department offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses promoting creativity, curiosity, innovation, and commitment to a social good. Mechanical, civil, biomedical and aeronautical engineering programs are designed to provide students with detailed knowledge and skills required in the relevant field. With multiple elective course options, the programme features an individual project that allows you to tackle a specific research topic. 

6. Dublin City University

DCU is one of the youngest Irish universities but has created a stellar reputation due to its exceptional educational opportunities. Through the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, the university offers engineering courses at different levels. It offers 9 undergraduate degrees and 10 postgraduate programmes in different engineering disciplines. All of the undergraduate programmes at DCU have an INTRA internship module that allows students to gain real-world experience during their study years.

The university is also known for its research expertise, which leads to an average of 296 publications per annum in academic journals. The engineering degrees are internationally recognised through agreements with Engineers Ireland, and all the graduates can practice the profession in the EU and other countries of the Washington Accord. 

7. Technological University Dublin

Technological University Dublin is Ireland’s first technological university to offer apprenticeship and graduate programmes in engineering disciplines, such as electrical and control, civil, mechanical, automotive management and technology.

You will be introduced to a wide range of foundation courses relevant to the programme during the course. Automation Engineering and Robotics equip you with various modern technological roles. The course aims to develop various skills, such as 3D Computer-Aided Design, sensor and instrument selection, blended with academic coursework and hands-on work in labs and workshops. At the end of the programme, graduates will be trained to be creative and inventive and ready to solve complex problems, such as developing new technologies. 

Graduates can work as CAD technicians, design technologists, maintenance technicians, and production managers. 

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