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Postgraduate Programmes in Management with Internship

Last updated: 1 May 2024 Business and Management Masters Courses

A postgraduate degree is a great way to improve the skills and knowledge acquired from your undergraduate course. Degree programmes that have integrated internships and work opportunities along with theoretical education offer huge benefits to students. Work experience gained while studying a master's course adds value to a CV and improves your chances of finding work placements.

Many universities in Ireland offer postgraduate degree programmes in business and management with integrated internship and placement options. Ireland is a hub for leading multinationals, and the placement programmes offered in collaboration with industry help students become work-ready and learn the best cutting-edge management and business practices. Since most internships are paid, students understand the organisational context better and can prepare well for their future. International students in Ireland are given a two-year stay-back option and post-study work visa, making it a more attractive study destination for business and management students than other European countries.

Learn where to study in Ireland and which universities offer master's management degrees with paid internships below. Book a free consultation with SI-Ireland today to get advice and support for applying to Irish universities.

masters in Ireland with internship

Master's Courses in Management with Industrial Internship

1. MSc International Management

2. MSc Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems

3. MSc Quantitative Finance

4. MSc Human Resource Management

5. MSc Management And Marketing

6. MSc Strategic Management Accounting

7. MSc Strategy Innovation and People Management

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