Scope and Career Opportunities after MBA in Ireland


Career Opportunities after Studying an MBA in Ireland

Last updated: 2 May 2024 Employability MBA

Ireland has a thriving economy and a dynamic business landscape, which makes it easy for students pursuing MBA to get the best of job opportunities. The country also has globally recognised educational institutions offering world-class business administration education through specialised programmes.

Ireland is home to thriving industries such as technology, pharmaceuticals, finance, and renewable energy. These sectors offer a wide range of career options for MBA graduates; the technology sector, in particular, has witnessed remarkable growth, with companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft establishing their European headquarters in Ireland. The pharmaceutical and financial services industries continue to flourish, creating a demand for skilled professionals with business acumen and leadership qualities. After graduation, students gain exposure to this thriving business ecosystem by pursuing an MBA in Ireland, positioning themselves for exciting career opportunities in both domestic and international markets. 

Keep reading ahead to explore the scope and career prospects after obtaining an MBA in Ireland. If you wish to study for an MBA in Ireland, book a free consultation session with SI-Ireland to start your academic journey.

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MBA Jobs and Salary after Studying in Ireland

Career Support Services

All Irish universities provide students access to comprehensive career support services to assist them in their job search and professional development after graduation. These services are designed to help students leverage their MBA degrees and transition into successful careers.

Universities provide one-on-one career counselling sessions with experienced career advisors. These advisors offer personalised guidance, help students identify their career goals, and develop effective job search strategies. The Career services offices at most universities also facilitate job placements by maintaining strong connections with employers and industry professionals. They organise recruitment events, career fairs, and networking sessions where students can interact with potential employers and explore job opportunities. The Career Advisors at institutions help students create professional resumes and cover letters highlighting their skills, experience and achievements. Interview preparation workshops and mock interview sessions are also held to equip students with the right skills to ace their interviews. 

Universities also organise networking events, guest lectures, and panel discussions that bring together industry professionals, alumni, and students. These events offer students opportunities to expand their professional network and connect with potential employers. Some universities strongly focus on entrepreneurship, and their support offices guide students interested in starting their own ventures. This includes access to incubators, business plan competitions, mentorship programs, and networking events within the start-up ecosystem.

- Career options

After completing an MBA, graduates have various career options across various industries and sectors. The skills, knowledge, and business acumen gained during an MBA programme prepare students for leadership and management roles. Some of the most popular job roles that MBA graduates commonly pursue include:

- Salary expectations

Salaries earned by MBA graduates in Ireland may vary depending on multiple critical factors, such as the industry, job role, level of experience, and the specific company. Generally, MBA graduates in Ireland command competitive salaries due to their advanced business skills and leadership capabilities. It may be tough to provide a comprehensive range, but a general overview of salary ranges for MBA graduates in Ireland based on industry estimates and trends is given below:

MBA graduates in Ireland also benefit from additional perks and benefits such as performance-based bonuses, health insurance, retirement plans, and professional development opportunities.

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