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Stay Back and Work Permit Options for Indian Students in Ireland

Last updated: 18 April 2024 Ireland Student Visa Working in Ireland

All international students from non-EU/EEA regions, including India, need a valid Student Visa to enter Ireland and study at any Irish university. Students enrolled in a short-term course of less than 90 days apply for a C-Study Visa, while those enrolled in a long-term course of more than 90 days apply for a D-Study Visa.

To apply for an Irish Study Visa, non-EEA students must be enrolled in a full-time course on the ILEP list (Interim List of Eligible Programmes). All Ireland Student Visa holders have a limited Work Permit and are eligible to work for a stipulated period in Ireland. The Irish government also provides a Stay-Back Option to students from non-EEA countries studying undergraduate or postgraduate courses at Irish universities.

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Ireland Study Visa Information for Indian Students

Work Permit on Ireland Student Visa

Casual Employment or Work in Ireland

Casual employment or part-time work in Ireland can be an excellent way for international students to supplement their income, gain valuable work experience, and immerse themselves in the local culture. Students at Irish universities enrolled on a full-time programme for at least one year do not require a separate work permit. They can obtain work opportunities while studying to enhance their overall educational experience. Such students are allowed to work in Ireland subject to the following:

Internships in Ireland

International students can take up internships during their study years to gain practical work experience, expand their professional networks, and enhance their career prospects.  By participating in internships, students can gain a competitive edge in their future careers, acquire industry-specific skills, and make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields. Non-EEA students can take up internships in Ireland provided:

Two-Year Stay Back Option on Ireland Student Visa

The two-year stay-back option on Ireland student visas offers international students an attractive pathway to explore career opportunities and gain valuable work experience after completing their studies. This initiative enables students to extend their stay in Ireland post-graduation, providing them time to secure employment, develop their skills, and contribute to the Irish workforce while gaining an edge among competitors by having a strong CV that highlights their Irish work experience. Ireland provides stay-back options to international students after course completion under the Third Level Graduate Scheme. As per the Revised Third Level Graduate Scheme:

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