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The Best Architecure Courses and Universities in Ireland

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Architectural studies in Ireland impart technical skills for home design and building. As a discipline of study, architecture is closely connected with subjects such as art, design and history, whilst other essential components of architecture courses include subject knowledge of engineering, graphic design and construction.

Bachelor’s and master's degree programmes in architecture blend interdisciplinary skills, drawing upon engineering, mathematics and technology principles, with an understanding of cultural trends and social issues. Students will also learn about other famous architects. For undergraduate architecture courses, students must dedicate five years to complete their degree, including two years to be accredited as an architect. Once accredited, they are ready to apply for employment with international companies.

Specialised courses in architecture are offered at schools and colleges across Ireland. If you want to study architecture in Ireland or have more questions, arrange a free consultation with SI-Ireland today.

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Top Universities in Ireland for Architecture

Although several institutions in Ireland offer architectural education through their courses, some are particularly known for their academic excellence and research initiatives to develop groundbreaking solutions to current global problems.

1. University College Dublin

University College Dublin offers architecture programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels through the UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy. This is the top-ranked Irish architecture school with a wide and comprehensive range of student study options. They can choose from a BSc in Architectural Science, a BSc in City Planning & Environment Policy, a Master of Architecture, or an MSc in Urban Design and Planning, among other interdisciplinary course offerings. The university is also known for its research activities in the disciplines of architecture, spatial planning, landscape architecture, and environmental policy, which have shaped Irish society and economy. 

2. Trinity College Dublin

TCD offers a unique approach to architectural programmes through its History of Art and Architecture Department. Students who are interested in the more art-based study options in the architectural world can choose to study the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at TCD. The department was established in 1966 and has been imparting education in the history of architecture by being surrounded by the National Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy, the National Museum and the Chester Beatty Library at the university. This historical environment at TCD allows students to understand architecture's history closely. Graduates from the university are employed in publishing houses, galleries, teaching, and journalism. 

Other Universities in Ireland for Architecture Degrees

- University of Galway

The University of Galway has been imparting high-quality education to students since its inception in 1845. Even though the university doesn't have a dedicated department for architecture, it offers a unique multidisciplinary programme that leads students to earn an MSc in Sustainable Environments. This course allows students to understand sustainability issues, natural and built environments, and ecology. Students are given research-led learning opportunities through a curriculum combining engineering, environmental science and economics modules. They are also allowed to go on field trips to learn from the practical experience.

- TU Dublin

The Technological University Dublin offers architectural programmes through the School of Architecture, Building and Environment. Students can choose from various undergraduate, professional development, apprenticeships, and postgraduate courses. The school offers courses through four major disciplines: Architectural Technology, Architecture, Environment and Planning and Construction, and Building Construction. These disciplines are also the disciplines in which the school conducts research at various levels. Professional development programmes with certifications in different areas of architecture are available to help professionals gain relevant skills to enhance their career prospects. 

- University of Limerick

As mentioned on its official website, the School of Architecture at Limerick is more popularly known as SAUL, which sees architecture as an agent for change. The school offers a five-year undergraduate degree in architecture to educate students with a strong set of skills in a balanced manner so that they understand the built environment clearly. The curriculum integrates environmental and structural engineering to give students solid foundational knowledge. The programme at UL is fully accredited by the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, which is the first major step in becoming a registered professional architect in the country. 

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