Highest Paying Jobs for Mathematics Graduates

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for Maths Graduates

Posted 4 November 2018 Employability Mathematics

The job market for Maths graduates has undergone a period of exponential growth and strategic advancement, with the demand for mathematical skills increasing across a broad range of careers. From Technology to Data Sciences and Machine Learning to Analysis, mathematical qualifications have become essential for a variety of exciting and high paying jobs such as financial analysts, sports data scientist, roles in the retail industry and drug trials.

According to reports by the Council for Mathematical Sciences, in the UK almost 2 million people are employed in jobs that require essential maths skills. Moreover, almost 50% of people employed in those jobs are earning £29,000 or more against the national average of 19%.

The Institute of Student Employers also suggests that degrees in certain subjects boost the chances of higher earnings, for instance Maths, Economics and Medicine. Students graduating with degrees in Mathematics acquire high level skills and expertise not only in calculations but also processing complex information, active learning, communication, decision making, and systems analysis opening avenues for lucrative careers globally.

Read about five of the highest paying jobs for maths graduates below. If you want to know more about studying undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD programmes in Mathematics at popular Irish universities, arrange a free consultation with Ireland University Specialists, SI-Ireland.

Highest Paying Jobs for Mathematics Graduates

Best Paying Maths Careers

1. Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management

Actuaries undertake risk analysis by calculating the probability of events such as death, natural disasters and accidents through complex statistical analysis of data. Actuarial sciences also involves developing strategies to minimise risks and drafting reports for the stakeholders such as insurance service providers.

2. Cryptology

Explosive growth of the digital economy worldwide has created a huge demand for cryptographers. There is an increased requirement for cryptology jobs in the fields of information security, password protection, anti-virus and other computer science applications in different organisations.

3. Computer and Information Research Scientist

Maths graduates possess highly prized skill sets for logical thinking, numeracy and the ability to develop technological solutions for complicated issues. Their computing and IT skills are in demand for conducting research and finding solutions for the business, healthcare, engineering and IT industry.

4. Financial Analysts

Financial analysts are responsible for making investment decisions based on complex modelling of financial market data through acquired mathematical skills to help in portfolio management, risk control and forecasting financial market trends. Experts with financial analysis skills are highly sought after in the financial sector, banks, growth funds and investment industry.

5. Data Scientists or Statisticians

Statisticians and Data Scientists evaluate and analyse appropriate data to develop statistical theories and resolve business, engineering and scientific challenges through research and experimentation processes. Data scientists play pivotal roles in various fields including big data analytics, scientific research, robotics, genetic decoding, machine learning and behavioural prediction.

Top 3 Universities to study Mathematics in Ireland

  1. University College Dublin
  2. Trinity College Dublin
  3. National University of Ireland Galway

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